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Inclement Weather Information for the 2021-2022 School Year

January 2, 2022


Dear Camp Hill School District Parents and Guardians,


Should the decision be made to close in-person school due to winter weather conditions during the 2021-22 school year, the following will be in effect:


  • There will be no instruction on the first occurrence (traditional snow day) and the weather make-up day of Monday, February 21, 2022 will be used for in-person instruction.
  • If there is a second occurrence of closing school, the district will use the Flexible Instruction Day (FID) protocol described below.
  • The district has the authority to use up to five FID days per year. We plan on using all available FID days, should conditions necessitate, instead of extending the school year past the scheduled last day of school (June 2, 2022).


When weather conditions dictate that unscheduled closings, delays, or early dismissals are in the best interest of student and staff safety, the district will use several communication channels to notify parents, students, and staff as quickly as possible.


  • Blackboard Alert Messaging System – Notification will be sent via phone calls, emails, and text alerts. To manage your message delivery options and ensure your information is up-to-date, visit the Blackboard Alert Portal page on our website.
  • District Website – Information will be posted as an on-screen alert when you visit the district website at
  • Social Media – Information will be shared on the district’s Twitter feed, @CampHillSD.
  • Other – Details will also be reported to local radio and television stations.


Flexible Instruction Day (FID)


This remote learning option allows the district to provide at-home, online instruction as an alternative to using a traditional weather make-up day. Teachers and students will use Schoology as the learning management platform and a combination of synchronous (i.e. Zoom) and asynchronous instruction. Attendance will be taken based on student participation and engagement in this remote option. The class schedule and additional details will be provided by your building administration.  If a Flexible Instruction Day is enacted due to inclement weather, all clubs and extracurricular activities including athletic games and practices will be cancelled for the day.






Daniel D. Serfass