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CHSD Superintendent Search

October 14, 2020 

The search for the next superintendent of Camp Hill School District is moving forward.  We have concluded our application period and have begun the process of conducting initial interviews with selected candidates.  Over the last month, we also received excellent feedback via focus group discussions from administrators, faculty and staff on a myriad of topics related to Camp Hill, and that face public education today.  This information will prove valuable as we interview and assess candidates. The search to continue over the next four to six weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

 The Camp Hill Board of School Directors



August 19, 2020

The search for the next superintendent of Camp Hill School District has begun.  We will be using this District News section of the website to keep our school community informed about the search throughout the process.  The job posting outlines a series of qualities (including, but not limited to those listed below) needed for the next superintendent to be successful in Camp Hill. 


SUPERINTENDENT:  The Camp Hill School District (1,350 students) is looking for the district’s next superintendent.  The district is located in Cumberland County, PA, two miles southwest of Harrisburg.  The borough is a close-knit community, which contains both a school district and a municipality within the same boundaries.  The district enjoys consistent regional recognition for students who excel academically, culturally, athletically and civically.  The district seeks a dynamic individual who exhibits:  


  • Proven executive skills and demonstrated leadership accomplishments;   
  • The systems thinking to oversee the implementation of all policy, programmatic, operational and personnel functions, particularly those that advance student achievement; 
  • A genuine commitment to collaborate, engage and communicate with all stakeholders; 
  • Decisiveness amidst a culture of collaboration and transparency with the Board;
  • A commitment to providing timely and accurate advice and information to the Board as they develop policies and make decisions; 
  • The skills to mobilize technology operationally and educationally;
  • The knowledge and insight to candidly drive crucial discussions with staff and the Board;   
  • The ability to establish annual areas of focus and initiatives adopted by the Board and move the district toward the fulfillment of defined goals.
  • An understanding of the mission and value of interacting effectively with the Lion Foundation;
  • Effective recruitment, hiring and orientation skills to attract, develop and retain staff; 
  • Supervisory abilities around the preparation and presentation of an annual budget that aligns with the mission/goals of the district, and respects the resources of the community;
  • A passion for continuous learning to keep up with trends/emerging opportunities.
  • Astute critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Integrity, resilience, and a deep work ethic with a drive to hold oneself (and others) accountable to generate trust and loyalty in others.


Candidates who email their cover letter and resume to Mr. Templeton will receive instructions for submitting an application, clearances, and other documentation. Candidates should possess or be eligible for the Pennsylvania superintendent letter of eligibility. Appointment expected in the late fall, 2020.  The deadline for candidates to be assured consideration is September 29, 2020.  Mr. Templeton can be reached at (717) 636-3238, or by email at  Documents to be completed upon expressing interest include:


  • Application | PA letter of eligibility /proof of qualifications to serve as superintendent
  • Act 24 clearance; current Act 34/Act 151 clearances/FBI clearance (within 1 year).
  • Sealed university transcripts will need to be ordered and hand delivered to Mr. Templeton if selected for an interview.   Contact info:  (717) 636-3238, or by email at | Note:  There is no need to send all clearances and transcripts to Mr. Templeton.  Please keep them in your possession until given additional instructions. 


As the search evolves, we will be providing more information.  Please visit the website periodically for updates. 


The Camp Hill Board of School Directors