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Message from Superintendent Patty Craig


Dear Parents & Guardians,


We are excited to open our doors to new and returning students and families on Monday, August 26. As you prepare for the first day of school, we want to make you aware that the sidewalk on the South side of Chestnut Street, at the intersection of 32nd Street and Chestnut Street, is closed.  Until this reopens, the crossing guard assigned to this location will safely cross students across S. 32nd Street and then across to the north side of Chestnut Street.


We are working closely with the Camp Hill Borough and Police Department, and will provide any additional crossing information for this intersection as it becomes available.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for discussing this change with your student. As always, the safety, security and well-being of each of your children is our top priority and a responsibility we take very seriously.


We truly appreciate the strong partnership we have with our families and the Camp Hill community!



Patty Craig