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Dear Elementary Families,


This year, the district plans to offer Flexible Instructional Days (FID) when we have bad winter weather. Per Mr. Serfass’s message: 


The first snow day is an actual day off, which will be made up on June 7. Any additional days will be FID (Flexible Instruction Days), up to five. After five, the days will be true days off as snow days and will be made up June 8 and beyond, as needed.



Below is an outline of what students and families can expect on a FID day schedule:



8:00am: Daily activities will be posted on Schoology by 8 a.m. Kindergarten students should follow the schedule provided by their teacher.  

9:00am: All teachers and students will log in to Schoology. Teachers will take attendance, hold a morning meeting and then explain the plan for the day to their students. 


In order to be considered present for the day, students MUST log in at 9am on Zoom AND complete all assignments posted by teachers in Schoology for the day.


After the 9am Zoom, students will work asynchronously on assignments. Teachers will post assignments and/or videos for students to complete. 


Teachers will check the completion of the activities in order to report attendance. A student MUST attend the 9am Zoom AND complete all assignments in order to be marked present for the day.


Special Education Teachers will reach out to the students on their caseload via Schoology and offer to help with any assignments.

10:00-11:00am:  All teachers and counselors will be on Zoom for Open Office hours. Students are invited to join a teacher’s Zoom classroom for help, for additional instruction or to ask questions as needed.

11:00-3:00pm:  Students are completing assignments in Schoology asynchronously. All teachers will continue to be available to answer questions via Schoology messages as needed.  



You may also receive additional communication from your child’s classroom teacher regarding the schedule, and accessing Zoom and Schoology assignments. If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please contact us.


Thank you,

Eileen Czarnecki, Hoover Principal 

Sandy Fauser, Eisenhower Principal