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Dental Exam Reminder for Children in Grades K, 3, and 7

A reminder to parents of children in grades K, 3 and 7:


The School Health Act of Pennsylvania mandates that all children in grades K/1 (original entry), 3 and 7 must have a dental examination. If you have not done so, please provide a copy of your child's dental visit to your school nurse. Parents are encouraged to have the examination done by the private dentist familiar with your child.


If you do not have a private dentist, the district will be providing school dental exams on Friday, February 8, 2019. Information was sent home to parents of children that are still in need of a dental examination. Please contact your school nurse if you still have questions regarding dental exams or to obtain a permission form. Please note that the school dental exam is a short screening exam only and not a dental cleaning or a substitute for regular dental care.