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    Brigitte Storey
    717-901-2500 x 3225
    Willkommen in Deutsch!
     During the week of January 21 German 2,3,4 students will be participating in the National German Exam!
    Thank you to the Lion Foundation for their generous grant to make the test available to all students.
    Course Outlines and other important information are available for download at the bottom of the page. 
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    NEW! NEW! NEW!
    Global Scholars Program -
    preparing Camp Hill students for the 21st Century.
    See handouts, which are attached at the bottom.

    Soccer Fans - check here for the latest FIFA News!


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      Neuschwanstein Castle

    Check the GAPP page for meeting dates and pics from the last exchange!



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    GAPP is a school to school short term exchange program, designed to foster language acquisition and cultural awareness. 
    For more information, please go to the GAPP page. 
    Cell Phone and 
    Electronics Recycling Fundraiser    
    Check out the link above and please help us to raise funds for the trip by bringing old cell phones, ink jet cartridges and other consumer electronic products to the school.                        


    Parents and Students: Want to know what happens in our brain when we learn language? 

    Check out this site for VERY interesting 
    information about the need for global education:
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    Check out the resources page for links to free online German courses and a variety of practice sites.


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