Elementary General and Vocal Music - Roxanne Dixon


    Dear Camp Hill families,

    It has been my sincere pleasure to teach your children over the last 19 years.  Though I will not be returning to teach music in the district in the fall, know that I will continue to champion the wonderful, joyous, creative potential of your little humans.  I look forward to watching their growth and successes in the years to come, and know that we will continue to cross paths out and about in the community.

    Fondly, Roxanne Dixon 

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     What is Music Education in Camp Hill?

    In music class, children engage creatively, thoughtfully, playfully engage with a diverse repertoire of artistic material as well as with one another.  Our children can thrive as we sing, play, move and dance, read music, improvise, compose, listen, and bring stories to life.  The Camp Hill music curriculum addresses the PA Common Core Arts and Humanities Standards.  We recognize that children develop musically at different paces, and seek to meet each learner where they are.   

    Beyond music, we seek to develop the “21st Century Skills” of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Great music education values cooperation and the contribution of each individual, fosters emotional intelligence, develops creative thinking skills and aesthetic sensitivity, and provides participants with alternative modes of expression. 

    Our curriculum also addresses many of the national and state standards in dance by integrating folk dance and creative movement.  Movement opens up a secondary venue for student creativity, kinesthetically grounds students’ understanding of beat, phrasing and other concepts, and is a lot of fun!

    Our curriculum is heavily influenced by the Orff approach to music and movement education.  Named for composer and educator Carl Orff, Orff Schulwerk (literally “Orff Schoolwork”) is holistic, experiential, and process oriented.  Children learn through doing—exploring and improvising with the elements of speech, rhythm, movement, dance, instruments, and song.  Integrated, guided processes allow spiraled development of knowledge and skills, and encourage joyful participation, creativity, and personal musical growth for all students. 

    Meet Mrs. Dixon

    ROXANNE DIXON seeks to inspire our students to be “their best selves” through shared creative experiences. Roxanne holds a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies from Miami University (OH) and a master’s degree in music education with an Orff concentration from the University of St. Thomas (MN). She is involved professionally in the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and serves on the editorial board of The Orff Echo, a professional journal for music and movement educators.  Within the district, she serves on the Equity and Diversity Advocacy Committee and chairs the Fine Arts Department.



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