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     Hoover Health room Nurse
    Kathleen Kadel, RN

    phone  717-901-2550, option #4, ext 1217
    Direct fax 717-775-5218


    Important new Coronavirus information page. Please see the pages menu and check back frequently for updates.

    Are you teaching great hand washing and continually reinforcing great heand hygiene practices at home? Click on this link for information-  CDC hand hygiene for families.



    Sick Days and Medications 

    Because it is important to be prepared, please read the Sick Days and the Medication Policy pages found in the menu on the left and contact me if any questions arise. Remember the 24 hour rule and be sure to note that any illness or injury that requires any activity restriction must have a physician's excuse. 

    Head Lice Information

    It is a good idea to check your child’s hair for lice at least weekly! Lice can be found in anyone’s hair –in fact, they seem to prefer clean hair. The secret to success is having a strong light source and a magnifier or strong reading glasses. For information, see my Lice page listed on the left on this page.

    Cough drop and throat lozenge procedure for Hoover Elementary

    If you would like your child to have plain, non medicated cough or throat drops during school hours you must send a one day supply –up to three lozenges only - in an envelope with the child’s name on the outside along with a note (just write right on the envelope) giving permission for the teacher to administer them.  This procedure will need to be carried out each day lozenges are needed. The child will be required to sit quietly until the lozenge is finished to help avoid choking. All lozenges must be disc type as the lollypop type will not be accepted. An order from your child’s PCP will be required if there is any need to deviate from this procedure. This procedure applies only to plain cough and throat discs. All other medications, even if over the counter, must be administered by the building nurse according to the guidelines outlined in the in the School Board Policy # 210.

    Spare Clothing Needed

    If you are inclined to do a  closet clean-out and have any warm up pants, sweat pants, leggings and stretchy or sport shorts in sizes 4 through 12, especially if they could be unisex and multi-sized that you would like to donate, just send them in with your child with a note to get them to the nurse. If you have husky sizes, they are especially needed! My emergency pants stash is critically low!                                        












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