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    Health Classes - 4 sections of 11th grade health this  year meet in room B-2 periods 2,5, 6 and 7 on days 1-3-5. 

    CAMP HILL PE:  All grades will complete fitness testing for credit in PE

    10th grade PE block   - Meets period 1 (5 days/wk/sem) - I look forward to joining Mr Keenen as we team-teach the upcoming sophomores.  Sophomores will participate in small group teaching activities in the second marking period of each semester class.

    9th grade PE - Meets period 3 (5 days/wk for 7 weeks) Each student is scheduled for 2 -  7 week cycles over the course of the year. This course is team taught with Mr Herb.

    11/12th PE - Students are scheduled in PE 2 times/week for 11th or 12th grade for an entire year with Mrs Colestock.

    This upper level PE course emphasizes personal fitness choices, exploration of fitness components and goal-setting in PE.  However, class sizes, staffing and facility will dictate the types of activities we are able to run safely and efficiently in our gym space.  


    My 11/12 PE classes run Days 2 and 4 periods 2,4,5 and 6... 



    Lion Foundation and Healthy High Five Grants benefit our middle and high school classes!!!  Thanks to the school district for their continued support of Wellness for our youth.  


    My school contact information is as follows:  

    **Health, Wellness and Sports Medicine classes are taught in B-2 on DAYS 1 - 3 - 5  at extension 2491.   My PE office extension if 2510, and my personal voice mail extension is 2525, and room B-2 extension is 901-2491.







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