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  • Welcome Back to School  - Schoology - and a New Season of Learning.

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    Welcome Back to CHHS Health and PE. 

    Welcome to the end of the School Year!  Congrats to US ALL :)  Thanks for your engagement and support.  Cool to watch you grow and learn this year.  Welcome to your senior year and Congrats to the 2020 Graduates.  

    Google Classrooms will have all the wrap-ups this week... last PE Fitness Trackers due no later than Tuesday for credit.  All PE students will received an "S" for marking period 4 if moderately or highly engaged or a "N" for disengaged.  All final PE grades will be "S"

    The last Health assignment is also due by Tuesday at 3 pm.  I will report the grade % for engagement via your google classroom.  Please provide feedback on this process.

    Week 8:  Happy Memorial Day!  Thanks to those who serve or have served for our freedom.  

    Congrats on making it to the last week + of school!  Good luck to the 11th graders presenting their Pechakuchas this week - you got this...think about your "Power Pose" and Breath. 

    This week in health, please focus on completing the outline for the human sexuality unit + check out the PSA information on Healthy Relationships, Consent, and Resources for Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis services. 

    PE classes will submit their last week of PE trackers - Enjoy this week's focus on developing a walking program.   

    WOW - End of May and wrapping up the year!  Buy week ahead for many people.  Thanks to all the students who continue to stay engaged and cudos to all the parents and families making this work from day to day :)

    Week 7:  Congrats to those students who completed the AP exams and Good Luck to those who have more this week.  Lots of end of the year activities begin now and Memorial Day is this weekend.  Health class will continue to focus on minimizing risk: this week will focus on infectious diseases, STI's and Sun Safety to end the week and prepare us for the weekend.  PE classes have special treat with Yoga and Breathing practices that can benefit anyone both in practice or as a study break. 

    I hope you and your family are well.  As we all enter a bit of an unknown journey, my personal and professional goals are to provide you with valuable and meaningful activities to increase your wellness and help you cope with your new normal. Please feel free to contact me via my email or Google Classroom if you ever have any concerns or questions.

    Hope you enjoyed a Happy Mother's Day with someone you love!!!

    Week 6 May 11th - Between the weather and stay at home order extension, it continues to be a trying time for students, parents and families.  We as a staff feel it too and worry about your health and well-being.  This week in Health and PE, lessons are designed with the hopes of helping to maintain exercise habits and wellness strategies that help with focus as a learner and provide brain breaks that increase mental and physical health - hope to also savor the experiences that give us happiness in the moment! 

    Good luck to you on your AP EXAMS!!!

    Week 5 May 4th - Hoping for some May flowers to brighten our days this week!  Also hope some of my students took advantage of some of happiness activities last week.  Health focus back to the concept of Substancce Abuse and some reflection on key concepts to understand substance abuse and addiction, resources for support and advice, and ways to minimize risk with regard to use and abuse of substances.  PE will continue to focus on fitness concepts and components of fitness as well as provide daily/weekly fitness activities for our students and families to use:)  Start wearing your sunscreen this week...


    Week 4 April 27th - Want to shift focus this week from the outcome to the process in hopes of providing a meaningful experience in time.  In order to be successful with school, we must pay attention to what it takes to be well during this time and experience.  Exercise, Sleep, and Diet all have huge impact on wellness and are especially helpful to us now as we experience anxiety and stress. The PE department will continue to provide fitness and wellness activities in all of our classes to challenge and provide exercise daily to our students.  In health, we are taking a "brain break" so I can share some activities from a class I am currently taking on line called the Science of Well-being.  Students this week will watch a video on meditation, choose one of the intentional activities below and see if the experience can improve how a person feels:  meditation/mindfulness - expressing gratitude - acts of kindness. 


    Week 3 April 20th - Hope everyone continues to adjust to a changing schedule.  It is great to establish a routine, but it also OK to switch things up and listen to your body as well.  Frequent brain breaks and reasonable expectations day to day is really important.  Hopefully, the PE activities we are offering fit the bill and give some opportunities to not only focus on key fitness goals this spring, but also to build a toolbox for wellness that can be utilized as we navigate the spring of 2020.  


    Please visit the April 20th Templates and Google Classroom assignments...

    As we begin week 2, and yet another shift in our lives, we are all trying to grasp what it looks like for us to learn on line.  I hope that the activities we cover in PE and Health over the next weeks are meaningful and allow students to explore their wellness  as a means to resiliency and growth.  We hope to support the good habits/knowledge our students possess and enhance the opportunities for growth in body and mind over the upcoming weeks:)

    Please visit the April 13th Templates and Google Classroom assignments...


    Please visit the April 6-8th Templates in my folder for an update and direction into respective Google Classrooms. 

    11th Grade Health students are already signed in to use programs sponsored by EVERFI.  We will finish a course called Alcohol.Edu this week ( we started this March 12th in class) and begin new coursework on Prescription Drug Use and Abuse.

    All classwork materials will continue to be be communicated to students and classe via our Health Google Classrooms.

    All HS PE Classes should also look for an invitation to new Google Classrooms...9-12th.  Please accept the invite for your class and answer the prompt in GC.  Look for daily/weekly PE activities and communicate with us by completing a fitness journal. 

    Look forward to hearing from you and sharing in this new adventure!


     Yesterday, March 25th, was the last day of the 3rd marking period; the cut-off used to calculate grades was Fri, March 13th.  My grades are updated at this time and I am also communicating to my Health students via google classroom.  Please reach out to me on my email if you have questions or concerns.  

    Keep moving and stay safe!  

     Happy Monday - Lots going on, it seems things change moment to moment.  Wanted to share this brief meditation video!


    What's Your Why?  

     As an educator and mom my "Why" hasn't changed too just seem more imperative today and may be delivered differently over the next few days/weeks.  Build the tools to stay well, holistically, and to build resilience and mindfulness in our life ( maybe just one day at a time right now)!


    To my Camp Hill Students, Families and Friends, please know my thoughts are with each and every one of "us".  I will populate my "activity folder" for the next two weeks as directed, but for my Health and PE students, the best medicine is for you to be preventative by practicing healthy habits in your sleep, daily exercise, eating habits and minimizing contact with others, as well as catching up on needed relaxation practices of mindfulness and taking time to manage and organize things you can control:)  

    Health students - all materials on Stress and more in Google Classroom.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you need!

    *Catch up/get ahead on the classes that you are always behind on while you can - reading and walking are two of the best cognitive development/stress management tools one can use for free.  

    Live, Love, Laugh...Peace and safety to all!


    Health Classes - 4 sections of 11th grade health this  year meet in room B-2 periods 2,5, 6 and 7 on days 1-3-5. 

    CAMP HILL PE:  All grades will complete fitness testing for credit in PE

    10th grade PE block   - Meets period 1 (5 days/wk/sem) - I look forward to joining Mr Keenen as we team-teach the upcoming sophomores.  Sophomores will participate in small group teaching activities in the second marking period of each semester class.

    9th grade PE - Meets period 3 (5 days/wk for 7 weeks) Each student is scheduled for 2 -  7 week cycles over the course of the year. This course is team taught with Mr Herb.

    11/12th PE - Students are scheduled in PE 2 times/week for 11th or 12th grade for an entire year with Mrs Colestock.

    This upper level PE course emphasizes personal fitness choices, exploration of fitness components and goal-setting in PE.  However, class sizes, staffing and facility will dictate the types of activities we are able to run safely and efficiently in our gym space.  


    My 11/12 PE classes run Days 2 and 4 periods 2,4,5 and 6... 



    Lion Foundation and Healthy High Five Grants benefit our middle and high school classes!!!  Thanks to the school district for their continued support of Wellness for our youth.  

    My school contact information is as follows:  

    **Health, Wellness and Sports Medicine classes are taught in B-2 on DAYS 1 - 3 - 5  at extension 2491.   My PE office extension if 2510, and my personal voice mail extension is 2525, and room B-2 extension is 901-2491.







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