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  • 4-19-20  Please go back in the google classroom and make up any missed work.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself and others in your family.  Any work you do around the house can be counted on your fitness tracker.  Make sure you are handing in something for Physical education.  Read below if you have not.



    4-13-20 Please make sure you are taking care of yourself and others.  Welcome back from Spring Break!   We will be using Google Classroom for the rest of the marking period.  Make sure you are keeping up and checking out each class that I teach in the google classroom.  

    Covid-19      Pa Health site


    4-2-20  We are starting with the Learn from Home Model starting Monday 4-6-20.  See folder to the left of the page at the bottom labeled by date.  It is very important that everyone sign up for google classroom for all classes taught by me.  Click on link below to see something, hope it makes you smile.  

    just something to make you smile


    3-29-20 Health and PE students, the best medicine is for you to be preventative by practicing healthy habits in your daily exercise, sleep, eating habits and minimizing contact with others, as well as catching up on needed relaxation practices of mindfulness and taking time to manage and organize things you can control.  There is a special folder to the left of the page at the bottom for activities in classes that I teach.  Thanks and hang in there, we are in this all together. Welcome to my home page. To the left are the classes that I teach.  If you click on each there is more information.

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    Looking Forward to a Fun and Exciting new Year on the Campus of Camp Hill HS/MS


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    Please quit texting while driving it may cost a life, so please put the phone down while driving.


    Wear your seatbelts!!!


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