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  • In an effort to promote environmental awareness and conservation of resources, non-school materials will be communicated electronically so as to eliminate the use of paper, ink and other materials. To this end, the district will offer to electronically post on this Community Page non-school materials approved by the Superintendent.


    The district will not approve the distribution of non-school materials via the use of paper flyers, forms, brochures, etc.

    If you are interested in having your non-school group's information posted on this page, please click on the link below to access the request form.

    Request by Non-school Groups to Post Information for Dissemination Form



Earl Besch Food Pantry

  • Earl Besch Food Pantry

Market on Market 2023

  • Market on Market Schedule

Girl Scouts

  • Girl Scouts

Cub Scouts - Adventure On!

  • Cub Scouts = Adventure On!

Keystone Kraken Ice Hockey Club

  • Keystone Kraken Ice Hockey Club

West Shore Shock Cheer

  • West Shore Shock Cheer

West Shore Composite MTB Team 2023

West Shore Composite MTB 2023

Shamrocks Lacrosse

  • Shamrocks Lacrosse

  • Camp Hill Borough Blackboard Alert Messaging

    Camp Hill Borough

    The Camp Hill Borough is now online and using the Blackboard Alert messaging system!
    The Borough will use this mass notification system to send two types of messages, emergency and outreach.