• Technology Services

    The Camp Hill School District is committed to using technology as a tool in the classrooms to support student learning. Whether it is supporting proficiency plans, improving communication or boosting learning, technology plays a critical role in the delivery of instruction in Camp HIll schools.

    TechnologyTechnology in education allows for:
    • visual learner engagement
    • creative & critical (higher-order) thinking
    • access to information
    • differentiated instruction
    • active student involvement
    • collaboration among classmates
    • continued participation in education outside of the school day and school walls

    The district's technology department oversees not only the district’s network and infrastructure, but is also charged with focusing the department’s efforts on ensuring that the technology being integrated into instruction is both reliable and effective. The department is structured to provide ongoing support for academic technology integration.

    For matters relating to technology, please contact Amanda Rhinehart at arhinehart@camphillsd.k12.pa.us