1. A parent/guardian must call the Absence Call-In Line, 901-2600, option 1, when their student is going to be absent or arriving late to school. Parent/guardian should call to report the absence/tardy by 9:00 a.m.  Be prepared to indicate your child’s name, grade and reason for the absence/tardy.  (Please note:  If we do not receive a call in the morning about a student’s absence, the school will contact you to verify the absence.)
    2. Upon student’s return to school, a written excuse from the parent/guardian is required. On the excuse, please indicate:  child’s name, date of absence(s), grade, teacher, reason for absence, signature of parent/guardian.  The excuse is then given to his/her homeroom teacher.  NOTE:  IF THE EXCUSE IS NOT RECEIVED BY THE THIRD DAY OF THE STUDENT’S RETURN TO SCHOOL, THE ABSENCE WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLAWFUL.
    3. Excused absences can only be considered for sickness, impassable roads, quarantine, death in the immediate family, school approved educational trips, observance of religious holidays and emergency situations. (We will require an explanation for emergency circumstances.)
    4. If a student is absent for three or more consecutive school days, a physician’s note may be required in order for the absence to be excused.
    5. A doctor’s excuse may be faxed or emailed to our office, if you did not get one at your visit.
    6. Since each student has an individual file, please do not put more than one student on any excuse.


    1. When a student reports late to school, for any reason, he/she must report directly to the office upon arrival to school. The student should bring a note from a parent/guardian indicating the reason for tardiness, or an excuse from the doctor.


    1. If a student requires an early dismissal, a note must be sent in with the student on the day of the early dismissal indicating the time and reason of dismissal.
    2. The parent/guardian is required to report to the office, sign out the student, and remain in the office until the student reports for his/her dismissal. If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up the student, please indicate this on your written note.
    3. Appointments – If a student arrives late from an appointment, or leaves during the course of the school day for an appointment, a note from the appointment location is required in order to mark the time as excused.
    4. Please note: Arriving to school after 10:00 a.m. or leaving before 1:30 p.m. will be marked as a ½ day of absence.