Lion Connections

  • Camp Hill School District’s Equity and Diversity Advocacy Committee is partnering with the Earl Besch Project to launch Lion Connections, a program to partner district families to assist one another in comfortably navigating the systems, infrastructure, traditions, and culture of the school district and community.  The goal of this program is to build connections within our school communities and provide a structure for families to help one another navigate their children’s education.


    • Any interested CHSD family may sign up to participate.
    • Participating families will be given the contact information of another family with children in the same or adjacent grades.
    • Families may ask or answer questions or help one another find the information or figure out who within the district to contact for the information they seek.


    Each Family A will be paired with a Family B.  Choose your lane (some or all may apply) and sign up at the Google Form below.


     Family A


    Family B



    • We could use assistance navigating things like the Parent Portal, Blackboard Alert, or Schoology.




    • We sometimes have questions about what is expected (ex- school parties, projects, sports, or field trips).




    • My family is new to the district, or does not know many people with children in the schools.




    • Language or culture can be a barrier for understanding materials or district communications.
    • We could help other families figure out the Parent Portal, Blackboard Alert, or Schoology.




    • We can help answer or help find answers to questions about school or community activities, etc.




    • We feel comfortable and connected within the district.




    • We would like to help families navigate cultural or language barriers.



    Click here to sign up for Lion Connections-- we are all in this together!


    Questions may be directed to or