Mrs. Bowser's Third Grade Website



    If you plan on helping in our classroom this year, you MUST have CURRENT CLEARANCES on file with the district office. It is a process that is outlined on the district website. Please be advised clearances expire. If you have them already, please check your expiration date with the district. This policy is strictly enforced. 

     * EISENHOWER does NOT use PICK UP signs!


    • If your student goes home for lunch frequently, you must sign the lunch permission siip that will be kept on file and you won't need to write a note daily. If your child goes home/out once in awhile you will need to write a note for that specific day.


    • NOTE: Students must sign in and out in the office.


    •   Walkers go to the playground and riders go out front.
        If you ever find that your child is feeling unusual stress or excess anxiety in third grade, please contact me.  I am a mom and a teacher!