• Dear Families of New First Graders, 

         I want you to know that whatever learning plan you have chosen, I will be thinking of each of my sweet students daily, as well as the health and safety of each of your families. As we enter into a new school year, I recognize that there may be some challenges ahead for all of us. My First Grade Schoology Plans will include the lessons for each subject area with links to Zoom, videos, websites or activities for ALL learners. Online and offline options will be used to help balance student work as much as possible.  Please remember I am here if you have any questions.

         This year may look a little different, but your student will grow and be supported through this process.  Please keep the lines of communication open.  Whether in person or remotely, I promise to support you and your student to the absolute best of my ability!


    Tara Russell M.Ed.

    Hoover Elementary School


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