• Dear Families of First Graders,

    I want you to know that we are thinking of each of our sweet students daily and the safety of each of your families. As we continue with Learn At Home plans this week, I recognize that this is a challenging experience for all of us. Our First Grade Plans include activities for each subject area with links to videos, websites or activities where necessary. Online and offline options are suggested where ever possible.  Our hope is that students will be able to choose one of the options for each numbered section in each subject, each day. Below you will find this week's Daily Learn at Home Plans for First Grade. Specials teachers have included links to their activities on the plans as well.  I have also included some Tips for Remote Learning and a few other resources you might find helpful.  Please remember we are here if you have any questions.

    Remember that this is DIFFERENT, this is NEW.  We will all struggle and grow through this process.  Please have GRACE for yourselves, your students, and others.  It is NOT going to be perfect for any of us.  There may be times when you and your student simply can’t engage in the planned activities, for a wide variety of reasons, but we will all do the best that we can.  Please keep the lines of communication open.  I will support you and your student to the absolute best of my ability, I promise you that.


    Stay safe.

      Fondly, Tara Russell