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    Eisenhower Elementary 3-5

    As we transition to the final marking period of the year, Field Day draws nearer and nearer. Students being learning and playing in activities to prepare them for field day. To find out more information about field day and how parents can be involved please see my tab labeled "Field Day". 

    Hoover Elementary K-2

    The last marking period at Hoover is full of fun. We will be participating in various fun games that kids can play at school and home. In addition to this the students prepare for Hoover Fun Day which is in May. We also dive into nutrition by learning about the food groups. Students also will have the opportunity to participate in the fruit and veggie challenge. See below for more information. 

    Fruit and Veggie Challenge

    Mr. Jutkus challenges you to try eating a new fruit or vegetable and to take a picture of yourself eating it. Be open-minded and try something different!

    If you’re up for the challenge head to a local grocery store, farmers market, or international market with your family and find a fruit or vegetable to try. Print out a picture of yourself eating it and send to Mr. Jutkus by April 26th.  Be sure to include the name of the fruit or vegetable in the picture. All pictures will be displayed on the bulletin board/wall in the gym.

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