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    Mrs. Shull


    Welcome to Enrichment! Take a look around and let me know if you have any questions! 

    Communication is a key component of any successful class. I plan to utilize SeeSaw this year to share what students are doing both in my class as well as within their classrooms.  Not only will you get to see what your students are doing (most classroom teachers are using this as well, so you will likely get SeeSaw updates from the classroom teacher AND me!) but it is a way for you to communicate with me as well via messaging.   In addition, I have added a "Discussion" section to my webpage. Please feel free to post questions, comments, or concerns on the discussion page and I'll respond as soon as I can! Thanks! 


    Something else to keep in mind:

    Your student's teacher and I work closely to provide enrichment opportunities throughout the day in the regular classroom, whether I am there or not.  Therefore, regardless of who the assignment is stemming from (myself or the classroom teacher), please know that there are many adaptions made throughout the day in order to keep your student engaged.  It may not always be obvious to your child that these adaptions are being made because they are often seamless and provided to several different students at different times throughout the day, for both identified and nonidentified students.  If you have concerns, please feel free to ask!