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    Clubs and Extracurricular Activities for CHMS Students 23-24

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    Meeting Logistics

    Archery Club

    Mr. (Ryan) Keenan


    Archery Club provides an opportunity for students of all athletic abilities to participate in a fun, focus driven sport. Club members will have the opportunity to compete in tournaments and other archery events. Opportunities to compete at the state and national level will be offered to archers who show dedication to practice, use archery range etiquette, and meet required scores to compete. 


    Meeting times TBD.

    Earl Besch Organization Club

    Mrs. (Linda) Still


    Students will work to help feed needy families in Camp Hill. Service hours will be counted towards the student's requirement.

    Dates/Times TBD

    Middle School Homework Club

    Ms. (Amber) Pound


    Homework Club runs every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:00-4:00pm. Students have the opportunity to complete homework, projects, and study while being supported by a MS teacher. No pre-registration needed.

    8-10x per month

    Middle School Lion Pride Club

    Mr. (Cory) Hulsizer


    The Student PRIDE Committee is the student-branch of our PBIS program. Their main responsibilities in the club include managing and running the Paw Stamp School Store and helping run the 6th Grade Move Up day in the Spring. 

    1x per month

    Middle School 

    Student Council

    Mrs. (Andrea) Bryant & 

    Mrs. (Kate) Marcus


    This year, Student Council will be offered to only 8th grade students! These students will oversee mentor clubs for the entire middle school. The council will also be responsible for organizing events such as the school dance. We need the perspectives and insights of our most influential students. Look for a google form in Schoology at the end of September. We plan on meeting one Tuesday a month during lunch.

    1x per month

    Middle School Track & Field

    Mrs. (Lydia) Keller


    Ms. Kelly Collingsworth (Asst.)


    Middle School track and field is an introduction to the sport. It begins in March and ends the first week of May. Through practice and competition we learn running, throwing, and jumping skills. We practice twice a week and have 2-3 meets with other club teams. It is a chance to have fun, make friends, and be part of a team.

    Multiple times per week in the spring

    Middle School Yearbook

    Mrs. (Nicole) Flynn


    The yearbook staff is responsible for designing, writing, layout, photography, and sales of the annual school yearbook.

    Dates/Times TBD

    Middle School Coding & Robotics Club

    Mrs. (Heather) Lister


    Middle School Coding and Robotics Club is for any student interested in computer science, web development, and robotics. This club explores a variety of programming languages, discusses new technologies, and has several field trips throughout the year. No programming experience is required. 

    Dates/Times TBD

    Middle School Debate Club

    Mr. (Cory) Hulsizer


    Middle School Debate Club is a group dedicated to helping students learn and practice their logical reasoning and debate skills. During meetings students engage in rapid- fire one-on-one debates, facilitate Socratic Seminars on self-selected topics, and judge/vote on the strengths of their peers’ arguments. 

    1x per month

    Middle School Podcast (NEW)

    Mrs. (Lydia) Keller


    Podcast Challenge is an interest based group. We are completing a podcast we started about Gibs. The podcast is being prepared for the PBS youth podcast challenge.

    1x per month

    Science Olympiad Team

    Mrs. (Jen) Klos


    This is a team competition involving science and engineering. Students partner with one or two other members to become experts in 2-5 events. The events could be building based (like tower building), lab/skill based (like science crime busters), or study based (like codebusters or meteorology). The team practices 2-3 times a week after school from November – April. The team competes with 15 members in grades 6- 9, but can have 5 support team members.

    Location: TBD - After school 1-2 days per week after tryouts until final competition(s) in the Spring.

    Ski Club

    Missy Minehan: 717.368.7620


    Gretchen Spitzer: 717.877.1762 spitzer.gretchen@gene.com; 

    Jim Armbrust: (717} 215-4030 or jparmbrust@gmail.com


    Information available in Middle School Office

    Ski Roundtop