Middle School Clubs


    This page is a source for parents and community members about student clubs in the Middle School.  Clubs may place any activities and announcements here.

    MS Clubs:
    Ski Club: 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. DeLong)
    VIP Club (Volunteer Club) 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. Keller)
    Track Club: 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. Keller)
    Archery Club (7th and 8th only) (Mr. Keenen)

    Archery Club informationArchery Club Calendar


    Student Council: 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. Marcus)
    Cross Country Club: 6th  - 8th grades (Mr. Decavalcante)
    Homework Club: 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. Niederoest)
    Maker Mondays: 6th  - 8th grades (Mrs. Stover)
    Lion Squad: 6 - 8th grade (Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Debias)
    Chess and Board Games Club: 6 - 8th grade (Mrs. Holtzman)
    Bike Club: 6 - 8th grade (Mr. Jones and Mr. Bender)