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     Welcome to Middle School Math!

    Mrs. Susan Smeltzer
    (717) 901-2450 (ext. 3211)
    The best way to get a hold of me is through e-mail!
    I am available for extra help every morning at 7:20 am or after school by appointment. 


    • Due to the Remind app no longer sending out messages as texts, I will no longer be using it to send out messages for my classes. Please check my calendar on my webpage to see when upcoming quizzes/tests will be.


    • Algebra and Honors students: If you are absent for a class and need a tutorial on how to solve the problems we learned that day, or if you just need a refresher, here is a link to my online video tutorials: Algebra Tutorials


    • Here is a link to a video I shared with some of my math classes on the first day. It is research from Stanford from a Math Learning professor on how everyone can be a "math person". Click here to watch video