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    Language Arts Update

    Welcome!  Sixth-grade language arts is designed to help students build skills in grammar and writing.   We also use technology as a tool and explore a number of different applications like Google Apps for Education, digital media, NoodleTools, and the internet. Overviews of the content and the syllabus are available as files on this page.  To navigate this site, use this page as an overview, the language arts page for specifics, and the apps to find files and interactive material.

    Overview of Our Current Unit

    We took a little detour from blogging with a noun unit, but we're back.  Our last blog is called "Share an Opinion."  Students will try to persuade us to feel as they do about a topic. After we're finished, I'll show the kids how to write survey questions and add a Google Form to their post. Looking back on this blogging unit, I can honestly say that the kids had a good experience with this experiment in social media.  They were responsible digital citizens who should be proud of their posts and comments. 

    Did you know that you can join the conversation with your child on Kidblog?  Children can input your email address and send you an invitation to see their blogs. By the way, it's still a great idea to buy your kids some cheap headphones to listen to their voices as they read their essays out loud.  This is an excellent editing and revision strategy.  

    Up Next: Pronouns, verbs, and our autobiography will end the year.

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