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Sixth Grade Guide to Language Arts


    Language Arts Update

    Welcome!  Sixth-grade language arts is designed to help students build skills in grammar and writing.   New skills are expected to be applied through a variety of writing assignments that culminate in an autobiography.  We also use technology as a tool and explore a number of different applications like Google Apps for Education, Adobe Spark, NoodleTools, Kidblog, and other internet resources. Overviews of the content and the syllabus are available as files on this page.  To navigate this site, use this page as an overview, the language arts page for specifics, and the apps to find files and interactive material.

    Overview of Our Current Unit


    To begin the year, we start with a review of parts of speech and then move to sentence structure, focusing on phrases and clauses.  We apply what we have learned through a writing project.  This year we are collaborating with Mrs. Debias to meet the Pennsylvania career standards.  We will write about our hobbies or pastimes and do research to see what kind of careers would interest people with our passions.  Of course, since this is also language arts, students will be required to identify prases, clauses, and sentence structures.

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