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Sixth Grade Guide to Language Arts


    Language Arts Update

    Welcome!  Sixth-grade language arts is designed to help you build skills in writing by teaching sentence, paragraph, and essay structure.  We also have units that help you build your grammar muscles and learn to use parts of speech correctly.  I expect you to apply your new skills through writing assignments and projects that culminate in a portfolio of pieces that relate directly to your own life and interests.  Of course, we use technology as a tool and explore a number of different applications like Schoology, Google Apps for Education, Adobe Spark, NoodleTools, Kidblog, and other internet resources. Overviews of my expectations and the syllabus are available as files on this page.  To navigate this site, use this page as an overview, but use SCHOOLOGY to communicate with me and to find your daily assignments.

    Overview of Our Current Unit

    Check out my dropbox for files, assignments, and links.

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