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    Welcome!  Sixth-grade language arts is designed to help students build skills in grammar and writing.   We also use technology as a tool and explore a number of different applications like Google Apps for Education, video production, NoodleTools, and the internet. Overviews of the content and the syllabus are available as files on this page.  You will also find other files and links below.  

    To navigate this site use this page as an overview, the language arts page for specifics, and the apps to find files and interactive material.

    Overview of Our Current Unit

    The kids have posted their About Me blogs and their first science journal blog on our Kidblog platform.  We've started connecting to other classes and schools. The goal is to make connections with each other and kids from all over by producing blog posts that engage our audience. 

    Now the students are getting ready to "Be the Expert."  This informative blog post requires research and the use of another online tool called Noodletools.  Noodletools provides templates for notecards that prompt students to copy and paste text then take notes.  There is also a section where students can make personal connections to the information they are reading.  Another interesting feature is that the card has an area to cross-reference the notes to the students' bibliographies. It reflects the way college students might do online research. Once we have our research complete and our posts written, the students will create a multimedia piece/vlog about their topic.  They will either use video software, Adobe Spark, a favorite ap on their devices, or Google Slides.  Parents can help their children by talking about the project with them, finding out the research topic your child is interested in, and asking questions about what your child has learned.  This is can be a challenging unit for students who have never done this type of research before.  There may be complaining, but once students get used to Noodletools, many feel that it is a helpful interface for their research projects.

    Next up: "Share an Opinion" where students write persuasively about a topic and take a survey.

  • After our training in Collins Writing, I was reminded that it is important for students to really practice reading their writing aloud.  For this reason, and for many other learning experiences across subject areas in sixth grade, it is important for students to have an inexpensive set of headphones or earbuds as part of their school supplies.

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