Welcome Everyone :)

  • Hello Everyone :)

      My name is Mrs. Holtzman-Smith and I'm the High School Learning Support English Teacher for the High School. I'm also one of the PBIS coaches and part of the Student Assistance Program (Sap) Team. 

    Within my Support Study Halls: Students Complete Homework/Work, Study for Tests and Quizzes, Do Organization Checks, and Preview or Review Concepts. This is when students can get the extra help or assistance needed for a successful school year! I'll also be doing periodic grade checks with the students, so they are aware of their current grades and any missing work/assignments.

     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Email: lholtzman@camphillsd.k12.pa.us, visit my Schoology page for more information or call 901-2400x3232

    Let's Make It a Great School Year!

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