Long Range Facilities Plan

  • One of the goals in the District's Comprehensive Plan is to "Establish a system that fully ensures the use of data to effectively justify the allocation and alignment of instructional and infrastructural priorities."  The first step in implementation of this goal occurred in the spring 2017, when the District put out a request for proposals to complete a comprehensive long range capital improvement planning process and to prepare a District Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) to include each District site.

    The last Long Range Facilities Plan for the District was completed 16 years ago.  

    Ten proposals were submitted and after careful consideration and evaluation, EI Associates was engaged by the District to prepare the plan.  The process will take approximately five months.  To view the schedule provided by EI, click here.

    In an effort to keep the community apprised and engaged we created this webpage in September and will be updating it as new information becomes available.  Please check back regularly!


    October 2017 
    EI Associates made their first presentation to the School Board on October 16, providing an overview of the process and a time frame.  Additional Board presentations are scheduled over the next several months. Click on the link for the LRFP Time frame.

    November 2017
    Please click on the link to view EI's presentation to the Board at the November 13 Work Session.

    December 2017
    To view EI's presentation at the December 11 Board Meeting, click on the links below.
    CHSD - 5 Year Costs
    CHSD Options Summary
    CHSD - 5 Year Plan Executive Summary Hoover Elementary School
    CHSD - 5 Year Plan Executive Summary Middle and High Schools

    February 2018
    Updated LRFP

    April 2018
    At their April 16th meeting, the School Board authorized EI Associates to put out bids for the 2018 summer projects at the Middle/High School.  To view the scope and timeline of these projects, click here.

    May 2018
    At the May 14th Work Session, the Board authorized the Administration to move forward with the design phase of the 5-year plan at the Middle/High School and larger project at Hoover to include an Administration Office, with EI Associates and approved the contractors for the 2018 summer projects at the Middle/High School.

    July 2018
    To view a message from the Superintendent about the progress of the Middle/High School project, click here.

    August 2018
    The District is moving forward with a 5-year capital project plan at Hoover Elementary and the Middle/High School.  In August, the School Board approved Reynolds Construction LLC as the construction management company for the District throughout the design phase of this plan, and eventual preconstruction and construction phases through September 2020.