Sixth grade is great!

  •    Attention incoming 6th graders: Please purchase a 1" 3 ring binder and a set of 2 tab dividers for my class. You will be using this all year. Thank you!



         The 6th grade reading curriculum is designed to cover the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards through the use of the 6th grade literature textbook, novel studies, marking period projects, written assignments, Scholastic Scope magazine, the Wordly Wise vocabulary development program and daily class work.  Students will read different genres of literature including different types of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  In addition, writing, speaking and listening skills are incorporated into the curriculum. 
    Two times during the school year the students will complete the Study Island diagnostic to assess reading proficiency.
    I encourage reading for pleasure outside of the classroom, so students should always have a book to read in the classroom. Outside of class reading will be required with our long term projects and some of our novel studies. Reading frequently will make the students stronger readers. 
    Happy school year everyone!! Sixth grade is great!!
    Roar with Lion PRIDE!



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