PSSA Testing


    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    All public school students enrolled in grades 6, 7 and 8 are required to participate in the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics PSSA test.  Additionally, students in grade 8 are required to participate in the Science PSSA test.  The object of PSSA testing is to provide information about the quality of schools to parents, school districts, and the public.

    The results help us monitor individual student achievement and we utilize the scores from the assessments to measure our curricular programs and to provide assistance to students who may be in need of remediation in these aforementioned areas.

    Parents and guardians can help their children prepare for the assessments by encouraging them to get plenty of sleep the night before and providing them with a good breakfast on the mornings of the assessment.  Parents also should impress upon their children the significance of these assessments and encourage them to give their best effort.  Please avoid scheduling any appointments on the dates and times listed below.  Remember that no Educational Trips will be approved during the testing window, April 15 – May 3. We will be following a regular schedule on all the testing dates and students will be missing class only during the periods designated for testing. 



    Testing Date

    Testing periods

    ELA 1 ( 80 - 100 min)

    April 15 Day 5

    1 - 3

    ELA 2 (100 - 115 min)

    April 16 Day 1

    5 - 8

    ELA 3 (85 - 100 min)

    April 17 Day 2

    1 - 3

    Math 1 (85 - 100 min)

    April 24 Day 5

    1 - 3

    Math 2 (85 - 100 min)

    April 25 Day 1

    5 - 8

    8th only Science 1 (55 - 70 min)

    April 30 Day 4

    1 - 2

    8th only Science 2 (55 - 70 min)

    April 30 Day 4

     5 - 6

    Make-up testing will occur the week of April 29th  – May 3rd as needed.

    Please refer to the enclosed sheets provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” as well as a letter about electronic devices.  If you should have any additional questions and/or concerns regarding the PSSA assessments, please feel free to contact me. 



    Leslee DeLong