Recommended School Supplies

  • Recommended School Supplies

    8th Grade Supply List



    Recommended Supplies


    ·      One 3-subject spiral bound notebook

    ·      Pencils, not pens


    ·      Sturdy pocket folder (plastic preferred)

    ·      Pencils

    ·      Composition booklet for notes


    ·      1-2” binder with paper (not spiral) and pockets


    ·       3 ring binder

    ·       Spiral notebook


    • Binder

    ·       Notebook or filler paper

    • Pencils

    ·       TI-84 calculator


    • Binder
    • Notebook or filler paper
    • Pencils
    • Scientific calculator


    US History

    ·      Colored pencils or crayons

    ·      A pair of safety scissors  

    ·      Single subject notebook


    ·      3 ring binder

    Earth & Space Science/Honors

    ·      Headphones or earbuds

    ·      3 ring binder

    ·      Spiral bound notebook

    ·      Pens and pencils


    7th Grade Supply List



    Recommended Supplies

    Reading 7/Reading I

    ·       1” binder

    ·       A highlighter

    ·       Pencils

    Life Science


    ·       3 ring binder

    ·       Spiral bound notebook with like 100 sheets

    Math 7/Pre-Algebra


    ·       3 ring binder

    ·       Loose leaf paper

    ·       Pencils


    ·      1” binder

    ·      Folder

    ·      Spiral notebook

    ·      Pencils/pens

    World History

    ·      3 ring binder (1.5 in or larger preferred) with lined paper

    ·      Pencil (or pen) and eraser



    6th Grade:

    • Supply List for 6th Grade

      The following lists will give you an idea of what supplies to buy this summer in order to help your child prepare for 6th grade.

      Language Arts

      • 1” or 1 ½” binder
      • Extra 1” binder for Autobiography Notebook



      • A ½” to 1” binder
      • Some section dividers for the binder (3-4)
      • A thin notebook (small spiral or very thin composition book) to use as science fair journal in the winter/spring



      • Durable two pocket folder or a small binder.
      • Five tab dividers


      • ½” binder
      • Tab dividers
      • Loose leaf paper
      • A few dozen pencils and erasers to last the year

      Social Studies

      • 1” binder


      General List of Supplies Needed


      ·      Pencils

      ·      Colored Pencils (8—12 count)

      ·      Pencil Sharpener that catches shavings

      ·      Pencil Pouch or Case

      ·      Highlighters

      ·      Glue Stick

      ·      Loose Leaf Paper

      ·      Headphones w/microphone to plug into chrome book (cheap ones can be found at places like Amazon, Five-Below, etc.)

      ·      Book Covers (book sox works best)

      ·      Ruler or Flexible Measuring Tape

      ·      Index Cards

      ·      Individual hand sanitizer (optional)


      *The mandatory, school issued agenda book will be given to students on the first day of school, so please do not purchase one on your own.  Locker shelves are also recommended to help organize student lockers, but repurposed locker shelves will be available on Moving Up to Middle School Day.  Lastly, the hard back 3-ring binder per class is the preferred method of keeping materials organized for the school year.