Recommended School Supplies

  • Recommended School Supplies

    6th Grade:

    • Pencils


      Small Hand pencil sharpener that catches shavings          

      Access to loose leaf notebook paper (a pack or a spiral that you can tear perforated paper from)

      Two pocket folder for each class, or, narrow accordion style organizer with separate class slots for worksheets   

      Small pack of colored pencils (8-12 count)


      Pair of scissors

      Glue Stick           

      Index Cards       

      Ruler or flexible measuring tape 

      Headphones with microphone to plug into chrome book (cheap ones can be found at places like Amazon, 5 Below, etc.)

      Optional – personal size bottle hand sanitizer

      Blended Learners only - Pencil Box or large pencil pouch organizer to keep the small supplies in so that it can come back and forth to school in the backpack

    Mrs. Bolcavage (for 7th grade – reading):

    • Folder

    • Composition book


    Mrs. Marcus:

    • paper

    • Pencils

    • folder

    Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Marcus:


    For Math 7 and Pre-Algebra (7th and 8th)

    • Lined paper

    • Pencils

    • Erasers

    • No calculator necessary

    For Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Honors

    • Lined paper

    • Pencils

    • Erasers


    • TI-84 graphing calculator – not needed until October