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    College Planning Class:  Be sure to be checking the weekly Learn at Home folder for assignments.

    I am happy to be working with students in grades 9-12 whose last names begin with L-Z.

    I can be reached at or 717-901-2500 ext. 3967.

    In the first semester of each school year I meet individually with each senior to finalize post-secondary plans including completion of college applications.  In the second semester I meet individually with each junior to review academic progress and needs, discuss post-secondary plans, and plan testing options.


    • Seniors and Juniors with college admission, scholarship or college planning questions may e-mail me.  We can also schedule an appointment to talk by phone.  
    • The National Association for College Admission Counseling has provided information from colleges on changes in reply dates, deposit due dates, admission events and more.  It is optional for colleges to report their status, so use the link below frequently to check for updates.


    Students in all grades are welcome to see me at any point in the school year to talk about academic, social or personal concerns.  Students may make an appointment for one of their study halls.  

    Throughout the year I monitor the academic progress of students by reviewing progress reports, report cards, talking to teachers and meeting with students.  I encourage students and parents to access the Parent or Student Portal on the Student Information System to check course grades, class assignment grades, attendance, test scores and transcripts.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss academic needs.

    Throughout the year I teach a College Planning class for juniors.  This elective course meets one day a cycle and students earned a .2 credit.  The class is graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

    Counselors will be in the classroom periodically throughout the school year to assist students in using their Naviance account.  Naviance is an Internet college and career readiness platform. Students can set goals, build a resume, research colleges, explore careers and send documents electronically to colleges/universities.



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