Camp Hill MS/HS Art Program - Welcome Artists - Come in! Come in!

Camp Hill Art ProgramFostering Creativity, Individuality, and Connections!

The Camp Hill Secondary Visual Art Program strives to inspire the individual talents and artistic potential within each of its students.  Along with teaching the fundamental elements and principles of art, each course develops critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.  When learning through the culture and history of art, our students develop a sense of identity and awareness of place in society.  Most important, CH art students deepen their senses of curiosity, investigative skills, and expression through the study of art.     


Our 6th-12th grade art studio program is both sequential and open-ended in practice, allowing students opportunities to learn and experiment with many different materials and processes. As a result of its chronological and overlapping nature, each student’s body of cumulative knowledge, aesthetic judgments and art skills are strengthened. When entering high school, students are offered a variety of art electives including:  drawing and painting, crafts, fashion, interior design, architecture, technical drawing, and computer art. 

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