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    Courses taught:  American Civics and Government, AP US History

    Syllabi links below:

     Please See below to understand the method by which "Engagement" and the corresponding "Bonus Points" were calculated in the 4th Marking Period...

     AP U.S. History:

    There were 26 assignments to complete during the 4th Marking Period...
    If you did 20+ = HE (3 bonus points)
    If you did 15-19 = ME (2 bonus points)
    If you did 10-14 = ME (1 bonus point)
    If you did less than 9 = DE (0 bonus points)

     Civics and Government:

    You had 33 total assignments to complete during the 4th Marking Period. Your final grade is based on how many of those assignments you completed fully.

    28-33 = HE and 3 Bonus Points on your overall score for the year
    18-27 = ME and 2 Bonus Points on your overall score for the year
    8-17 = ME and 1 Bonus Point on your overall score for the year
    7 or less = DE and 0 Bonus Points on your overall score for the year


    ***FOR 2020-2021 APUSH Students (Next year's students):

     There is no Summer Assignment (there never is). 

    - Your assignment is to enjoy your time off.  If you want to read up on U.S. History a little, watch some videos, etc. it certainly wouldn't hurt.  However, there is no formal assignment.  We will start the year by looking at Native Americans in the U.S. adapting to the different geography, European colonization, and the events leading up to the American Revolution.  If you wanted to look over any of those areas, or watch a few APUSH Videos online (there are tons!) it would be a good idea, to make the transition in easier.




     I am not affiliated with nor do I ever share any political inclinations that I might have.  So I am not endorsing the following opportunity... but  I do post opportunities when they come along (regardless of political affiliation).  And ultimately I am certainly in favor of high school students getting involved in political discourse.  I received an email from a current student today, and I told her I would post it on my webpage...

    Hello Mr. Mitchell

    I hope you’re staying safe and healthy! I’m sorry to email you so late, but I just had to let you know about a project I am working on. 

    I am a part of a group called “High School Students for Biden”. It is a campaign-affiliated group of high school students who engage in political discussion and volunteer for presidential candidate Joe Biden. Recently we’ve decided to regionalize into chapters organized by state. I have been selected by the national chairs to co-lead the PA chapter. 

    Unfortunately we are off to a slow start. I was hoping that you may be able to help us get the word out about our group; we need lots of politically engaged students to keep the “joementum” going in Pennsylvania! A great way to help would be sharing our social media accounts and official sign up form with your students. If this isn’t possible, I understand, but this is a great way for people like me to become involved in a real political campaign! 

    If interested, you and your students can find our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook group under the name “pahsforbiden”.  If anybody has any questions, they can either get in touch with me or email Here’s the link to the google form where students can sign up:



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