• The Camp Hill School District is located in a borough in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 2 miles (3.5 km) southwest of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Our borough is a unique, close-knit community, which contains both a school district and a municipality within the same boundaries.  We are a walking school district and do not provide transportation to and from school.  Students are encouraged to walk or bike to school.

    Our schools and students are often recognized for their outstanding academic and artistic achievements, and athletic championships.  The District has held a long-standing commitment to educational excellence, community strength and student success.  We have maintained this mission through our ongoing focus on all students and continuous improvement.  Camp Hill students excel academically, culturally, athletically and civically.

    Approximately 1340 students are enrolled in the district.  Kindergarten, first and second grade students attend Hoover Elementary School, and third through fifth grade students attend Eisenhower Elementary School.  Students in grades six through eight attend the Camp Hill Middle School, located in the same building as Camp Hill High School, which serves students in grades nine through twelve.

    The administrative staff consists of a Superintendent, Business Manager, Director of Special Education/Student Services, four Principals - one for each level, and an Assistant Principal serving the middle and high schools, a Technology Director, and a Director of Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Security. 

    The Superintendent and Principals are responsible for all matters of curriculum, instruction and staff development.  The Business Manager is responsible for all business and finance functions.  The Director of Special Education/Student Services is responsible for all student support services. The Technology Director is responsible for the district network and educational technology needs.  The Director of Buildings, Grounds, Safety and Security is responsible for facilities, operations, safety and security.

    The District also employs counselors, a psychologist, nurses, speech and language clinicians, special education teachers, ESL teachers, reading specialists, special subject teachers and regular education teachers. In addition, the District has a School Resource Officer (SRO) on staff.

    Class sizes are small, promoting students' high levels of achievement.  Instruction occurs at students' developmental levels and opportunities for acceleration and enrichment are provided.  Our elementary schools are appreciated for the small nurturing environment provided to students as they develop a strong foundation for future learning.  Within the middle school, academics are also prioritized with a strong focus on the developmental needs of preadolescents.  Our high school students excel in academic and leadership skills.  Over 90% matriculate into higher education and most attend prestigious colleges.

    Most residents are college-educated. Parents are very interested in the schools, and many are involved as volunteers.  The community is very supportive of the students and schools.

    Our public school district is often compared to a small private school.  Within our academic and nurturing environment, rigorous programs prevail, and the achievement of all students is prioritized.

    The Camp Hill learning community is committed to providing all students with foundational skills, knowledge and opportunities for lifelong success.

    “Educational Excellence, Community Strength, Student Success”

    Shared Values

    • We believe education is a lifelong process.
    • We believe educational excellence is a collaborative process and a shared responsibility of the student, family and staff.
    • We believe students’ educational experiences should be founded in the rigorous study of traditional academic disciplines.
    • We believe students’ educational experiences should enable them to become effective communicators, independent learners, motivated critical thinkers and innovators.
    • We believe our learning community should foster understanding and respect for every individual.
    • We believe our learning community should promote responsible citizenship.
    • We believe frequent review of the educational program is necessary to meet student needs.
    • We believe in establishing and maintaining high standards and expectations for all members of the school community.
    • We believe effective leadership sustains educational excellence.
    • We believe recruiting and retaining high quality staff is vital to achieving our mission.
    • We believe an informed and involved community strengthens the school system.