6th Grade Wellness - Syllabus


    6th Grade Wellness

    Teacher: Mr. Ryan Keenen

                Contact Info:


       RKeenen@camphillsd.k12.pa.us 717-901-2450 Ext: 2509


    Curriculum Materials: 2008 Health Smart (Grade 6) text and worksheets.  Use of smart board and other video and technology sources will be used.

    GradePass or Fail Course.  Student will either receive a satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) grade on his or her report card.

    ExpectationsMost of the projects and assignments will be completed in class.  There will be some additional work that might need to be completed outside of class.  The class only meets one time per week.  Student portfolios will be kept in the classroom.  The MS PRIDE (or PBIS-positive school wide behavior) Matrix will be followed for all classes and areas of the school.

    CurriculumThe curriculum is designed to provide focused and effective health instruction that provides students with the opportunities to apply skills in real-life situations. The healthy values and behaviors that our students practice today can serve as a solid foundation for the future decisions they will make as adolescents and adults. The course is aligned with the MS/HS/PA health curriculum.

    Units of Study

        1.     Safety and Injury Prevention  

        2.     Health Skills for Life- the Health Triangle

        3.     Nutrition and Physical Activity

        4.     Tobacco Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

        5.     Personal and Family Health