Physical Education - Syllabus

  • Camp Hill Middle School 

     Physical Education 

    Mr. Keenen:


    The following guidelines coordinate with daily expectations designed for the safety and well-being of all students. Changes have been made to integrate updated Covid-19 precautions into everyday physical education activities.


    Students should show respect to peers, teachers, student teachers, guest speakers, and the community at all times by following class safety guidelines. This includes the wearing of a mask when mandated by the school board and/or dept of education. Personal hygiene and the cleaning of equipment after use is important to the safety of all students and will be part of the daily PE routine. Students should be conscious of personal safety/risk and take precaution to help reduce the chances of infection /injury during class activities for themselves and others. 


    DRESS:  Students are expected to be prepared for class by wearing athletic attire for PE class to school that is appropriate for school and for active participation/movement. School policies and dress code will be enforced.  If unprepared because of attire unsafe for activity or in opposition to school dress code an alternative activity/classroom may be assigned.  


    Suggested clothing to avoid for PE: 

    • Shorts or shirts with holes or tears, dress shirts (with buttons front or back), dress shorts, shirts or shorts with numerous pockets and zippers

    • Clothing that fits too tight or too loose restricting movement or making movement unsafe.

    •  Any non-athletic shoe;  including boots and hiking shoes, sport sandals, cleats, wrestling shoes, turf shoes, boat/deck shoes, or any non-athletic shoe, like flip flops.

    •  Camp Hill athletic uniforms (practice or competition) issued for school teams.

    •  Hats, caps, bandanas, metal/plastic barrettes or hair clips 


    *Alternative activities may be assigned at the teachers’ discretion for safety or dress code concerns.



    For reasons of SAFETY all athletic footwear must fit as intended. Laces MUST be tied and visible.  If the sneaker can easily slip off the foot it is a safety concern in Physical Education class.                             



    Wearing jewelry to PE should be avoided. Any jewelry deemed unsafe MUST be removed at the teachers’ request. Medical and religious forms of jewelry may be worn if a note from parent /guardian is on file with the nurse/principal detailing the reason. The staff highly recommends for the safety of all students, that NO jewelry of any kind be worn.  


    LOCKER ROOM EXPECTATIONS: Students may have limited access to the locker room this year for distancing purposes. *Alternative activities may be assigned at teachers’ discretion for safety or dress code concerns.


    If locker room use is deemed necessary by the classroom teacher the following rules apply. Safety and security are our number one priority.

    • Use of cell phones and/or any electronic devices are prohibited. This is especially important in the locker areas for liability and security reasons. 

    • Students should enter and exit through the designated locker room entrances. 

    • Students have 5 minutes to change and report to squads for attendance.

    • In the locker room, respect others personal space, property, and the facilities.  

    •  It is strongly recommended that students refrain from bringing valuables or money to class.  

    • Students are not permitted to enter the equipment room or the fitness room without permission.


    MEDICAL CONCERNS: Activities will be modified when possible for students to participate safely/appropriately.  Any student with medical concern(s) or doctor’s prescription is responsible for communicating this information to the school nurse per school procedures and communicate needs to the PE teacher. If a class excuse is needed for a medical condition or injury the nurse may give students a blue pass with pertinent information for their PE teacher and instructions to excuse or modify activity.  All medicine or special protocols should be on file in the nurse’s office.  The PE staff will work with the nurse to coordinate appropriate activity with students who may have medical needs.  Any student needing an inhaler/epi pen should coordinate this through the school nurse before class.  


    Long Term Medical Conditions – The PE staff will modify student activities in coordination with the physician orders, counselor suggestions, and/or athletic trainer recommendations in order to set up appropriate activities or assign alternate assignments for students to receive class credit.    


     GRADING:  All students are graded on a Pass-Fail basis.  ((S) Satisfactory or (U) Unsatisfactory)  

    Students are expected to be active participants, come prepared for class in person or online and show respect for others. Students are never graded according to physical ability but instead by effort, class participation, and adherence to class rules for behavior and sportsmanship. 


    Students in MS PE will meet 2x per week for the duration of the school year. Students who accumulate more than 4 zeros during a Marking Period may receive an Unsatisfactory (U) on their report card.


    •  An incomplete will be issued for: Students failing to attend 60% or more of scheduled classes in a marking period and any student who fails to complete the required fitness tests. *


    • A zero(s) may be given for failing to follow class expectations including but not limited to, unacceptable language or behavior, poor sportsmanship, lack of active participation to personal ability level, inability to follow directions, unsafe play, and assignments late or missing.  


    • If a student earns a U for 2 or more marking periods, the student will fail PE for the year. 

    • Students do NOT have the option of participation or taking a zero.  Modifications for activity are at the discretion of the instructor in coordination with school procedures, nurse/A.T., C and/or physician orders.


    • Fitness tests: Every student in grades 6-8 will participate in fitness testing/assessment in assigned PE classes.  The tests must be completed by each student as part of class participation/credit.  Each student will record results with focus on personal goals and self-improvement. * Failure to complete the test(s) will result in an incomplete grade until the end of the semester or make up occurs. If the test(s) are NOT completed, the incomplete will then convert to a “U”.  

    ONLINE CLASS EXPECTATIONS: *** All materials, assignments, tests, grades, and day to day communications will be posted on Schoology for ease of access and uniformity. ***

    1.  Keep an electronic portfolio; it is each student’s responsibility to create and save all work to a folder for online class.  The folder should be used to back up all assignments and compile important notes/class paperwork. Google docs is great for this. 

    2.  Participate actively on Schoology by responding to prompts, reading materials, asking questions, completing online assignments as directed, and treating fellow classmates and teacher with respect at all times.  

    3.   Follow established class rules and daily routines including logging on to the Physical Education Class Schoology each day, reaching out to me for help with directions, attending any class Zoom meetings, and practicing Camp Hill P.R.I.D.E. in all work you submit.  

    4.   Complete missed or late work for partial credit. Reach out if you need flexibility here and a plan can be made.  



    All students must take the PE rules home for parent/guardian to review and sign. 


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