8th Grade Health - Syllabus

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    8th Grade Health Education

    Teacher: Mr. Ryan M. Keenen  

    Contact Info: rkeenen@camphillsd.k12.pa.us                       


    Supplies for class:


    Tech Device (Computer/I-pad)

    2 Pocket Folder or 3 Ring Binder

    Positive Attitude


    Class resources and tools:

    Health Text

    Agenda Book


    Teacher Website




    A.  General Objectives

    1.  To work toward the development of a healthful student of sound mind and body who can maintain and improve his/her health as well as take appropriate responsibility in protecting the health of others.

    2.  To appreciate the relationship of mental, physical, and social processes as they relate to one’s health.

    3.  To develop an understanding of the goals of healthier living through individual practices.

    4.  To contribute to a sound value system geared toward a healthier life.

    B.  Specific Objectives

    1.  To build lifetime skills that help to maintain wellness.

    2.  To understand wellness and its relationship to M/E Health, Social Health and Physical fitness.

    3.  To study the use/abuse of drugs, tobacco and alcohol in society and explore modes of prevention and control.

    4.  To develop an understanding of one’s growth and development

    5.  To understand basic anatomy, disorders, and diseases of the body.


                    Wellness Goal Setting and Decision Making

                    Mental and Emotional Health

                    Social Health

                    Body Systems, Anatomy                                                       

                    Physical Fitness

                    Substance Use, Abuse and prevention

                    Human Growth and Development / Reproduction


    Ø  Students are scored on a point basis for this course of study. These points are then converted to a percentage scale for CHMS. Assessments include: in-class assignments, written assessments, class participation, out-of-class assignments including online learning, homework, various projects, reports, research papers and class presentations.

    Ø  Students are expected to achieve a passing grade for the year based on the percentage scale.  If a passing grade of 60% is not achieved, the student must repeat the course.   


    Behavioral Expectations: Lion Pride (5-10 points per cycle)

    • Ready to learn
    • Raise your hand and wait your turn to speak
    • Be on time to class with required materials
    • Follow directions
    • Be honest
    • Do your best work
    • Respect and Value others


    Ø  Schoology

    Ø  Text Book: Teen Health Course 3, Glencoe, 2007

    Ø  Use of available school technology, resources and software



    1.  Keep a working folder; it is each student’s responsibility to make sure the folder is maintained as directed and in hand for instruction. 

    2.  Participate actively, complete in class assignments as directed, and treat fellow classmates and teacher with respect at all times. 

    3.   Follow established class rules and daily routines including getting to class on time, raising your hand to share, asking at an appropriate time and signing out to leave the room, and showing Camp Hill P.R.I.D.E.

    4.   See teacher or check in with peers when absent for makeup work; generally a student is given a day for a day to make up work without penalty. Please ask if you need flexibility due to ongoing absence.


    VI. ONLINE CLASS EXPECTATIONS: *** All materials, assignments, tests, grades, and day to day communications will be posted on Schoology for ease of access and uniformity***

    1.  Keep an electronic portfolio; it is each student’s responsibility to create and save all work to a folder for online class.  The folder should be used to back up all assignments and compile important notes/class paperwork. Google docs is great for this.

    2.  Participate actively by responding to prompts, reading materials, asking questions, completing online assignments as directed, and treating fellow classmates and teacher with respect at all times. 

    3.   Follow established class rules and daily routines including logging on to the 8th grade Health Schoology each day class meets, reaching out to me for help with directions, attending any class Zoom meetings, and practicing Camp Hill P.R.I.D.E. in all work you submit. 

    4.   Complete missed or late work for partial credit. Reach out if you need flexibility here and a plan can be made.    


    I have read the class syllabus and understand class expectations:




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