Teacher Bio - About me

  • Hello Everyone,

    It is great to be here in Camp Hill for the 2023/2024 school year! I teach 6th -8th grade Health and Physical Education for the Middle School and also instruct the school's archery club. This is my ninth year serving the students and community here in Camp Hill and my 16th year teaching. The purpose of this page is to give you a brief background on myself and a general idea of my personal philosophy on education as it applies to Health and Physical Education.

     I grew up in Ridley, Pa., a busy suburban town in the Philadelphia area. I played sports throughout my childhood and still love to participate in friendly games, no matter the sport, as an adult. I graduated from West Chester University in December of 2007 and moved to the Harrisburg area shortly after. I attended graduate school at Wilkes University and plan on continuing my education when time allows. My wife Natalie (also a teacher) and I married in July of 2011 and in December of 2013 welcomed our daughter Annabelle Lee into the world. Annabelle is in fourth grade now and growing smarter every day. Back in 2017, we added our son Cullen Haynes to the family. I think we've sat down about once in the six years since then. Honestly though, being a father is my favorite responsibility of adult life. As I do in my career, I love to see my kids grow, experience new things, and challenge themselves. My wife and I enjoy all the experiences and busyness that comes with having two young kids. 

     In my classes, I hope to encourage sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth, over a must-win attitude. I find sport/exercise to be a great stress reliever, an escape from frustrations, and an opportunity to strengthen one’s self, no matter winning or losing. In Health and Wellness classes, I will promote the power of decision making and goal-setting as life skills and educate students on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind through positive behaviors. I believe in the value of arming kids with practical, lifelong health skills, which cross over subject matter and help to develop character.


    Ryan M. Keenen

    Health and Physical Education Teacher

    Camp Hill H/S and M/S

    Go Lions!