• 6th Grade Music 
    Class Overview

    6th Grade General Music is a seven-week course designed to teach a greater appreciation of the basic elements of music and explore music of the various cultures and time periods around the world from both yesterday and today. Through “hands-on” learning in the Choir room and Mixed Media Lab, students will learn to play the electronic keyboard and apply the various elements of music.


    Units of Study:


     The Elements Of Music – In this unit, students will learn about the elements of pitch, notation, scales, intervals, accidentals, tempo, rhythm, meter, tone color, melody, and harmony, and how these elements all essentially work together in music.  Students will complete short assignments throughout the seven weeks, which demonstrate and apply each of the elements within musical compositions.


     Ukuleles, Piano, World Music Drumming - Students will explore the Ukulele, Piano, and Drumming through guided practice and performance of basic chords, melodies, and rhythm ensembles.


    Melodic Design– Students will compose a texts and melodies 8-16 measures in length at the end of the seven weeks, demonstrating a commanding knowledge of the elements of music listed above.


    Music Technology/Performance – Throughout the seven weeks, students will work on these computer software programs in the Mixed Media Lab. All students will be able to play basic right-hand piano melodies by the end of the seven weeks.


    Notebooks – Students are expected to keep a separate three-ring notebook for music class.  The notebooks will be graded several times per marking period (unannounced) for neatness and completion.  Absolutely everything should be kept in the notebook








    This includes CANDY.


    Do not touch or use any equipment that is not part of the current activity


    Adjusting, changing, or manipulating computer settings of ANY kind without permission of the teacher will result in a referral to the administration and a possible loss of computer privileges. 



    DO NOT alter any wiring for the computer systems. THIS INCLUDES HEADPHONES!


    The Teacher Station is NOT for student use


    Apple Remote Desktop is in use for ALL lab computers. Your computer screen and activity is monitored at ALL times


     Please treat ALL CLASSROOM EQUIPMENT with care. 

    The Camp Hill School District & Lion Foundation have invested funds into our program

    …let’s demonstrate our appreciation of their support.


    Volume controls on the interface boxes should be set to a comfortable level and should always remain turned on.  


    Students may work in the Mixed Media Lab ONLY when accompanied by a member of the Music Department staff. 


    Always practice the policies of Lion P.R.I.D.E. and R.O.A.R. during class. 


    Grading (Progect Based)

    50% Projects/Assessments

    25% Participation

    20% Class work

    5% Maintaining Notebook



    Grade Scale

    A  =  90% - 100%

    B  =  80% - 89%

    C  =  70% - 79%

    D  =  60% - 69%

    Failure  =    0% - 59%




    My office is located downstairs in the Chorus Room. Please feel free to stop in if you need help or have any questions.  I can also be reached at 901-2500 ext. 3050 or e-mailed at ddeitch@camphillsd.k12.pa.us.