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    Camp Hill School District                                         


    Mrs. Erika Strout

    717- 901-2550 ext. 1105



    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    This is my 3rd year teaching in the Camp Hill School District and my 7th year as an elementary media specialist. Prior to teaching media, I was a fifth-grade teacher for 15 years. I am excited to be working for such an amazing district and community and am looking forward to an engaging school year full of wonderful stories/books!


    Why is media important?


    I believe that media is an integral part of a holistic educational curriculum. Media is so multi-facet, and it is incredibly important that we teach students how to be safe and a good citizen online.  Students should feel comfortable using technology and communicating clearly and safely.


    What will students in media come to experience and learn?


    Media is a combination of literary skills and technology. In the younger grades, students will learn the organization of the library, various genres, and how to determine and locate the “just right” book. All grades will receive an intro to coding, time with Dash robots and STEAM explorations.



    Communication & Social Media Platforms for Classroom Updates




    • 5 Day Cycle
      • 4th Grade 8:25-9:05
      • 3rd Grade 9:10-9:50
      • 5th Grade 9:35-10:35


    • Report cards are scored as following:
          • 3rd graders are graded with a M, P, L in the areas of media literacy.
            • M-meets goals
            • P-progressing towards meeting goals
            • L-limited
          • 4th and 5th graders are graded with an M, P, D, L in the areas of media literacy.
            • M-mastered goals
            • P-progressing towards meeting goals
            • D-developing towards meeting goals
            • L-limited progress towards meeting goals




         Please be aware of your child’s media day. Book(s) MUST be returned on media day to receive new book(s). It is suggested to keep library books in your child’s backpack, after you are done reading, so that they will always have them on media day.

    • Grade 3- two books
    • Grade 4-two books
    • Grade 5- two books



    Mrs. Erika Strout