Students in Government

  • So far, we have two student positions with the Camp Hill Borough. We are always looking to add more opportunities!

    Junior Council Person

    The Junior Council Person (JCP) Program provides youth in your community with an opportunity to engage in borough government and develop leadership skills. It also allows borough officials to serve as mentors to students who will be future leaders in their communities. A JCP Program allows high school and college students the opportunity to learn critical skills including team building and collaboration, public speaking, public engagement, budgeting, and running effective meetings. It also allows the student the opportunity to deliberate on issues that are affecting his or her community. Selected students will be seated with the council as non-voting members.

    Junior Member of the Planning Commission

    At the direction of the Council, the Planning Commission may be required to prepare a comprehensive plan for the Borough, to prepare and make recommendations on an official map and to prepare land use control ordinances, including zoning ordinances and subdivision and land development ordinances. In addition, it may be required to prepare building and housing codes, prepare environmental studies and recommend capital improvement programs for the Borough. The student in this role will participate closely with the commission on all issues that come before it. Selected students will be seated as non-voting members. 

    Student Liaison to the Camp Hill School Board

    The school board of directors are the decision makers for the Camp Hill School District. Elected for terms, these community members work to ensure we are well funded, operating efficiently, and are prepared to meet the high standard of academic achievement that this district is known for. The student in this role will get a first-hand education on the workings of the school board, and will attend both working and formal voting sessions. The Student Liaison will prepare a monthly report to be shared with the board at regular meetings and will include academically focused topics that highlight the achievements of students and teachers in the district. The student will be a non-voting member. 

  • 2023-2024 School Year

    • Junior Council Person: Josiah Garber 


    • Junior Planning Commission Member: Estelle Livelsberger 


    • Student Liaison to the Camp Hill School Board: Alex Baturin