10-12 Physical Education

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    PE Week 1 Fitness Focus

    PE Week 2 Fitness Focus

    PE Week 3 Fitness Focus

    PE Week 4 Fitness Focus

    PE Week 5 Fitness Focus

    PE Week 6 Fitness Focus

     Daily movement and physical activity is beneficial for all aspects of health and wellness, it is crucial to sleep and key to cognitive function.  Tracking or notating one's activities has been proven to be beneficial in keeping people on track through reinforcement of habits, and helps promote growth through measurable and tangible outcomes. 

    Week 8 PE Please submit your last tracker and/or your feedback to the PE and online experience by Tuesday for credit.  Happy Last Week of School - Take intention steps to safe, set fitness and wellness goals that are SMART and wear your sunscreen!


    Week 7 PE  This week I am happy to offer some great  videos from 2 different YOGI's in my life.  Short Yoga Flow, 10 minute Breathing, and a short yoga focus on Neck/Shoulder that is awesome for us as we carry tension and focus online so much more!

    Week 6 PE - The PE staff continues to post a number of different fitness challenges in a number of areas.  If you follow Mr Herb or Mr Jutkus on Twitter there a a lot of PEatHome links out there to use.  We are all posting daily workouts on our classrooms that could benefit any fitness level and intensity.  Please continue to track your daily/weekly fitness activities and routines, the more specific you are the more likely you are to meet and surpass your goals and visualize your growth!  

    Week 5 in PE - We hope that our students are taking time to try the many fitness activities posted in our PE courses.  Please continue to track your weekly fitness routines.  Since the tracker document that is uploaded is for 2 weeks, it is ok for my classes to submit weekly or bi-weekly plans.  Looking for more specificity each week so you can see if your are meeting yoru goals.  Daily activities are posted in PE 10 and PE 9 courses!  11/12 PE students also have the option to do the fitness activities for class over the week and provide feedback on the links in lieu of the weekly calendar, or do both:)  

    Week 4 in PE -  Continue to track your fitness activities each week - remember to apply FITT and be specific about the exercises you are doing.  Focus this week on Tabata work-outs with a special video and instructor!   You will see increases over most of the fitness components if you do these workouts regularly.  

    Week 3 IN PE -  Students should continue to track fitness routines each week in all classes.  Hoping to see a progression to them setting weekly and daily goals using something like the FITT formula. 

    Frequency - how many times do I do a certain exercise or focus?  Intensity - how hard will I work/% of effort, heart rate, #   Type - type or types of exercises to meet the goal and Time - the amount of time devoted to exercise.  

    Check out the daily fitness activities and exercise routines posted in your Google Classrooms at all levels...

    Stretches last week in 11/12 PE and this week see funtional exercises and the 7 minute app.  


    Week 2 in PE courses -

    CHPE Standards

    9th and 10th grade PE courses are team-taught.  Keep track of daily fitness activities and enjoy the daily learning activities provided daily through Google Classroom.  We look for your PE fitness tracking updates starting this week:)

    11/12th grade PE - Starting this week...I will be posting learning material of a Component of Fitness and Fitness Focus weekly until June.  Many of you have some great fitness routines, I hope to provide some new learning to support and enhance those activities you are already doing.  


    Welcome Back to At Home PE - this is new for us and we are starting out by asking all HS PE classes to check the Template for your new Google Classroom Code and join your class.   Please join and respond to the PE prompt - next week we hope you begin to track your own fitness journal...  

    Mr Keenen and I will run PE 10th - look for daily fitness activities/challenges on GC

    Mr Herb and I will run 9th Grade Wheel PE - look for daily fitness activities/challenges on GC

    My 11/12th grade classes should also join a class...respond to the prompt.  Hope to focus on the a fitness concept each week with related activities for you to try ANd get input from you as to how you are using this time to work on your fitness and health! 


    Inserted two documents for fun or as a PE make-up activity for anyone in my 11/12th grade PE classes that missed either the STOP THE BLEED program OR the Hands Only CPR lessons.  Most students made up classes, a couple of you took a hard copy but maybe forgot to submit.  

    Hope you are staying active and getting outside as much as possible in your own safe spaces :)  Important to try to follow daily routines, but remember it is not a competition and we all have times of high vs low energy. 

    My personal goals - make sure to walk daily, try to get outside to take a break often, add one different exercise activity/component each day, appreciate the time I have loving up my old dog each day and having dinner with my family at night and using stress management tools like breathing, stretching, mindfulness a couple of times each day for a couple of minutes.  

    So many people are sharing great fitness and wellness opportunities on social media - hope you are checking that out too and thankful for the goodness around us.  


    Wishing all Camp Hill students and families health and safety.  At this time, please take time to be active daily and practice good health habits daily...please try to be active 10,000+ steps per day, 30-60 minutes of strength/cardiac activity, go outside daily - 60 minutes/day, rest well, laugh often and be well.

    The CHPE Staff all wish you Wellness and Peace!



    All students will receive PE Rules and Guidelines forms and signature forms in the first week of classes. All instructors begin the year going over class protocols, expectations and safety guidelines.  

    All students grades 6th - 12th grade participate in Camp Hill Fitness tests each fall and spring.  Any student who achieves a 85% or higher on all tests will receive a CH Fitness Testing Certificate.  Students set goals for fitness scores and will participate in a variety of assessments that will focus on the Components of Fitness and Sport Specific Skills.   


    Any student who did not complete fall fitness testing is responsible to see his or her PE instructor to make up any test(s).  Failure to complete this work will result in an incomplete and eventually a unsatisfactory for the marking period.

    Thanks to Blue Cross and the Healthy High Five Grant...

     The PE department looks forward to using information from these lessons and other great fitness tools received through Blue Cross and our own Lion Foundation this year for all of our students. 


     9th Grade PE is part of the 9th Grade Wheel - Greg Herb and I co-teach these 7-week courses.  Each 9th grader is scheduled for two - 7 week courses over the school year.

    10th Grade PE is taught as a semester course - Ryan Keenen and I co-teach this course period 1 every day.  Students are scheduled for either semester 1 or semester 2.  

    11/12th Grade PE is scheduled 2 days per week (2 & 4) for an entire year.  I teach these sections alone this year so class sizes may dictate the ability to inidivualize course activities as has  been done in the past.  

    PE courses are participation activitie - students are expected to attend and participate activity for class.  Students will be expected to make up classes when absent...the number of allowable absences will vary based on the grade/program.  

    Physical Education is about educating the person about their physical health and growth.  PE content includes understanding the concepts of fitness, components of fitness, sport specific functional skills, safety awareness and minimizing risks, lifetime activities that benefit wellness, team-building and working in groups, and making choices of relaxation and stress management activties one can gain through movement and exercise.  All students benefit from movement activities and exploration of fitness activities in PE - athletes included.  It is the intent of this department to provide physical education that is fun and provides not only exercise but in come cases the brain break needed from the rigors of the daily academia.   



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