11th Grade Health

  • Welcome Back to School for the 2020-21 School Year

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    Welcome Back to Health At Home Learning...check out the daily templates for this week please.  

    Great work this week Camp Hill - keep the faith, stay focused on the now, and continue to practice self care in your learning schedules!


    Week 9 - We did it!  Please submit your last HS outline by Tuesday (earlier the better)  I would also love for your response to the last Health Classroom Question AND please check out the PSA posts this week...Lyme Disease and Risk Reduction in COVID.

    Week 8 _ Loved reading your wellness experiences last week:) Continue to work on the materials posted on Sexuality and complete the Outline of Important Concepts this week.  Check out the supplemental information on Sun Safety and this week on Healthy Relationships, Consent, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services.  

    Week 7 - Students should complete the chart of Wellness Wtrategies assigned last week and respond to the Class Question on Personal Risk Reduction. This week's focus on risk reduction turns to a look at Sexuality, especially minimizing risks by understanding personal risk behaviors, diseases and STI's and healthy sexual behaviors.  We will end the week with an important PSA on Sun Safety Awareness and Prevention :) 

    Week 6 - Students should complete the PP and CD outline from last week to complete our unit.  This week will focus on strategies students can use to stay organized, manage anxiety and embrace stress while working online and preparing for AP Exams and the last weeks of our school year.  Hope they can enjoy some of the scientifically proven, practical, timely and accessible brain breaks and mindfulness techniques.   

     Week 5 - Shift focus back to completion of Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse 101 Unit.  Students completed 2 on-line courses on Alcohol and Prescription Drugs.  This week they will be asked to process a power point that covers the most important concepts on addiction, categories of drugs, resources, what to do in an emergency, rehabilitation and understanding how to minimize personal risks.  Weekly assignment can be done at student pace and includes questions related to the power point and links.  

    Week 4 -  We will change focus this week to revisit some mental health skills that can increase happiness and improve resilience based on a course at Yale called the Science of Well-being.  We will return to and wrap up the Substance Abuse unit the first week in May.  This week I am asking the students to look and try Meditation, Gratitude and/or Acts of Kindness to see how they may impact happiness and mindfulness.     

    Week 3 - Students will complete the K12 Prescription Drug Safety Course.  We will do some feedback for this coursework. 

    The Essential Question for consideration this week is:  What is the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Drinking and Drug Use Behaviors? How might the impact vary greatly from person to person?  

    We will end the unit with a Power Point for important concepts on substance use

    Week 2 - look for directions to register for the K12 Prescription Drug Safety course - students will take the course and complete the outline page for class...

    All Health Classes will continue to run via Google Classroom - We will continue working in the EVERFI program to complete Alcohol.Edu and begin a course of Prescription Drug Use/Abuse next week. 


    March 2020 -  Truly believe this is a moment for us all to take time to think about our own self care practices and increase stress management strategies that can increase our holistic health and resilience.  The essential question for Health in the second semester is:  How do we minimize risks and increase wellness in our lives?  Difficult to avoid the reality of that today.  

    Sleep/Rest Well...Establish Routines that work for you...Eat well/hydrate often...Stay Active (creative ways to find 15,000 steps a day)...Set Goals/Get organized...Feed your Mind...Increase your Stress Management Toolbox!!!!  

    All health sections completed units in Stress/Stress Management and Personal Safety Practices (FA/CPR) over the past two weeks.  Health outlines are in Google Classroom that identify the work over the past few week which includes journal entries.  Grades in SIS are up to date, with the exception of some of the make up work I recieved due to absences.  Plan to update that in the next 24 hours.  

    All students should have registered and started the EVERFI Alcohol.Edu on line course March 12th/13th in classes.  I will give credit for each student signed in.  It is OK to complete the course if you like, but otherwise, the work on Everfi will used in the next marking period.  

    Look for updates on Google Classroom next week...take care, stay positive and "Just Believe"


    Students had time in class to plan for their Who Am I presentations Friday, Sept 27th in class.  Evidence of the planning should be in journal.  We will "schedule" the presentations tomorrow in Health classes.  Students don't need to be ready to present until the day they scheduled. 

    Presentations must be 5-8 minutes in length and include all criteria from the parameter sheet and oral presentation rubric.  Please ask them to practice and time in advance!  

    We will begin this Friday, October 4th in all classes...for the first 2 days we will have 3 presentations per day, after that we will have 4 per day in my large classes.  

    Who Am I posters due Tuesday, September 24th.  

    Who Am I presentation planning will occur in class on Friday, September 27th



     My deepest sympathy to the Fagan Family and the students, friends, community members and staff who have felt the magnitude of this loss.  Please know I hope to be cognizant of this loss on our student body as we talk about health and wellness this year.  My hope is that we can work together as a community of learners to process the change in our lives and how it influences our dimensions of wellness together!

    My Health classes run days 1 - 3 - 5 periods 2, 5, 6, ad 7 this year.  We have some large class sizes but will do our best to keep you engaged, active and moving in the classroom anyway:)

    Generally helpful to have a notebook that holds handouts for this class and of course a writing utensil.  You will get a journal in class and we will go over class expectation on day one when I distribute the class syllabus.

    We use Google Classroom for class assignments, communications and student organization.  

    I will try to keep this website updated for parents, especially for long term assignments and reminders, but it will be the 11th graders responsibility to check notifications from GC.

    Week 2 September 2019:

    I just posted a health outline for week one and two of health...Students received the syllabus, index card with name, email, seating preference on side one and class rules and 3 words to describe self on side two.

    Students also completed 6 parts of the outline of their hand - we will complete in class on Tuesday.  Journals with 10 words tht describe you this week!

    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 2  l1eker

    Period 5  c00a8z

    Period 6  11gvin4

    Period 7  6vwc53



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