• September 23

    Posted by Nicole Flynn on 9/23/2022

    Can you believe September is almost over? I know time is already flying by in English class. We are well under way with our first unit, which focuses on Words often Confused (to, too, two / their, there, they’re). The students created Google Slides on two sets of words and we are presenting them in class.  

    Just so you know, we do have some consistent assignments in English class. First is a weekly IXL homework assigned on Mondays and due the following Sunday by 11:59 PM, which focuses on concepts we are studying in class. The other regular work we complete is Wordly Wise which is a vocabulary program that targets high frequency college board level vocabulary words. Students work on Wordly Wise every Friday and they took their first open note test today. After finishing the test, students begin their next word list along with the activities. There is a pre-designed quizlet for students to review words independently or with help and, of course, they receive a paper word list as well. Some students were disappointed in their scores on the first Wordly Wise Test, but there are some opportunities to improve those scores with either a re-test where I average the original score with the new score OR a test corrections opportunity where students handwrite the vocabulary words and definitions of only the words they missed and then create two original sentences using the word(s).  

    By the way, if you were unable to attend Back to School Night, my power point is located on my Schoology Page > Course Headquarters for your convenience. 

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