• 2023/2024 Student Chromebook Guidelines

    Care & General Precautions 

    ●  No food or beverages should be near your Chromebook.

    ●  Avoid liquids – beware of wet swimsuits and towels. 

    ●  Cords, cables, and removable devices should be inserted carefully into the device. 

    ●  Chromebooks should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). 

    ●  Do not leave Chromebooks in a hot vehicle. 

    ●  Do not leave Chromebooks outside or use them near water, such as a pool. 

    ●  Do not allow pets near your Chromebook and charger. 

    Screen Care 

    The device screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment and are sensitive to excessive pressure. 

    ●  Never carry your Chromebook while the screen is open.

    ●  Do not lean on the top of the device when it is closed.

    ●  Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g., pens or pencils, flash drive, etc.) 

    ●  Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth. 

    ●  Do not use commercial glass cleaners.  

    Battery Care 

    Do not let the Chromebook battery fully discharge over the summer; e.g., charge it at the beginning of each month. Even when a Chromebook is off, its battery slowly loses charge. If left off long enough, the batteries might no longer function and can’t be recharged. 

    Put Away For Safekeeping 

    If the Chromebook is not being used for summer classes, please use the following guidelines for safekeeping: 

    ●  Remove any peripherals 

    ●  Remove items such as headphones, a wireless mouse dongle, or USB, and do not store your Chromebooks with power cords plugged in for an extended period of time. This will help avoid damage to the peripherals and ports when they are moved. 

    ●  Charger - Unplug the charger from the wall. 

    ●  Storage - Store your Chromebook in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 65-75 degrees is your ideal range. 

    ●  Do not stack objects on top of your Chromebook 


    There is limited IT/Technical support over the summer:

    Please use Schoology messaging to contact the Technology Department (Brian Lownbery, Ken Geist, or Adam Shank)

    ●  The devices will be repaired as quickly as possible. 

    ●  The family will be contacted by email when their device is ready to be picked up. 

    ●  The family will be contacted if any fees must be paid before repairs are made. 

    Lost/Stolen Device or Leaving Camp Hill School District: 

    A lost or stolen device must be reported immediately to the Technology Department. 

    Please use Schoology messaging to contact the Technology Department (Brian Lownbery, Ken Geist, or Adam Shank)

    If you are not enrolled as a student at Camp Hill School District next fall, you must return your Chromebook and charger to your school office.page2image1453870064page2image1453870368