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  • Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

    How to Get Services

    In order to receive IBHS (Intensive Behavioral Health Services), a child must be evaluated by an approved provider and prescribed services.  This prescription can then be presented at your chosen provider in order to receive services.  To find providers for evaluations and services, please use the link 'Provider List'.  These providers all accept Medical Assistance as well as some private insurances.  In order to determine if a specific provider accepts your insurance, it is recommended to call that provider directly.  

    Given the high demand for support, there is frequently a significant wait between requesting an evaluation, receiving the evaluation, and commencing of services.  Therefore, if caregivers are interested in pursuing services, it is recommended to do so as soon as possible.

  • ABA Providers

    ABA in PA Providers List

    The ABA in PA Initiative maintains a list of providers for the state of Pennsylvania.  This list is updated periodically throughout the year.  Some of these providers accept both Medical Assistance and private insurance, while others only accept private insurance.  The link includes the counties served along with the insurance provided by each organization.