• Clearance Requirements and Application

    Mandated Reporter Training - Act 126 requires that all school entities and independent contractors provide child abuse recognition and reporting training (2 modules) to all employees who have or may have direct contact with children. If you have already completed this training in the past 5 years, we can accept a copy of your certificate to fulfill this requirement. Please note: New employees have up to 60 days after their hire date to complete this.

    Health Exam Record and TB Test - The Pennsylvania Public School Code requires that individuals employed in a school have a medical examination and TB test documented on the linked form before beginning their employment within 90 days of their start date. Complete Sections I and IV (Section II does not need to be completed), then have a health care provider fill in Sections III and V and return a paper or scanned copy prior to your first day.

    Employee Background Checks - Pennsylvania School Law requires that all applicants for employment in public schools, employees of independent contractors seeking business with public and private schools, and student teacher candidates undergo background checks if they will have direct contact with students. The following three background checks are required, and must have been completed within one year from a new hire’s start date.

    Note: Individuals who wish to apply for a position with the Camp Hill School District but do not currently have an updated resume may complete the included Job Application. Please return to Kerry Martin at kmartin@camphillsd.k12.pa.us or drop off to the District Administrative Office located at 418 South 24th Street in Camp Hill.