College in the High School - Harrisburg University

  • Registering for College in the High School Courses Through Harrisburg University

    The deadline for students to register on the HU website was November 1, 2023.

    Registration for CHHS students for the 2023-24 school year is closed.

    Students in grades 10-12 enrolled in specific honors science and/or Advanced Placement mathematics courses at Camp Hill High School are eligible to participate in a Dual Enrollment program with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology called College in the High School.  Dual Enrollment/College in the High School enables students to fulfill high school graduation and college credit requirements simultaneously.

    Qualifying courses include Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  Each course aligns with a companion course at Harrisburg University.  The CHHS faculty members who teach the courses are certified as Harrisburg University adjunct professors.  Students earn one high school credit for each course, and one to four college credits based on the course(s) selected

    Harrisburg University credits are accepted at numerous in and out-of-state colleges and universities.  The credits for the dual enrollment courses match specific mathematics or science courses at each of the colleges/universities.  A list of the colleges/universities that accept HU credits can be obtained from Harrisburg University.  Students who want to use the credits at a college not appearing on the list may contact the college to seek approval.  For AP courses, students may also register to take the AP exam.  Dual enrollment credits are offered at a reduced cost of $100 per credit hour.  There are no additional fees.

    See the attached file below for the list of College in the High School courses.

    Before completing the enrollment application, watch the video on the application process:

    Link to Application: 

    Helpful Tips:

    • Students should choose the current Academic Year of 23-24. (the video references the past year)
    • Students who have taken College in the High School through Harrisburg University in the past, will log in as a returning user and use the email they have previously used.
    • Students taking Chemistry must register for both the lab and lecture sections on the application.
    • Once the student has submitted all the information and it has been verified to be correct, the student will be notified. The students and their parents will be sent an email with payment information. The payment must occur before the end of the application window.