Dual Enrollment - HACC

  • Steps for participating in dual enrollment courses at HACC

    Step 1: Students must speak with their school counselor about plans for dual enrollment prior to enrolling and submit the signed student/parent agreement form. The cost of a dual enrollment course for 2023-24 is $175.00 per credit.  Most courses are 3 credits. The cost for the 2024-25 school year is pending.

    Step 2: Create an account and apply. Go to: www.hacc.edu → Admissions→ Start Here→ High School Student

    • When completing the form, select "Dual Enrollment" as the program of study.
    • Be sure to select the correct entry term. The “entry term” is the semester the HACC class starts.
          Fall = August-December                            Spring = January-May
          Winter = December/January                      Summer = May-August
    • IMPORTANT: Within the application there is a link to an electronic signature page. The signature page indicates to HACC that the student, parent/guardian, and high school counselor agree that the student can participate in HACC's dual enrollment program. The student and parents sign the signature page when completing/submitting the application. 
      • The signature page is an important step. Use this link to watch the signature page video for further instructions. 
      • Once the application is submitted, the counselor will receive an automated message from HACC to electronically sign the signature page and submit a transcript.

    Step 3: About 3-5 business days after all documents have been received, the student will receive an acceptance email from HACC with further instructions that include: 

    • Activating the HACC student account (myHACC) by going to: accounts.hacc.edu/studentclaim/login/auth.
        • Have the HACC student ID (H0_ _ _ _ _ _ _) available. This ID is included in the acceptance email.
        • By activating the account, the student confirms they are accepting the offer of admission.
    • Activating the HACC student email (HAWKmail) by going to: https://libguides.hacc.edu/learningcommons/usersupport/hawkmail
      • HACC students receive their own HACC email, which is referred to as HAWKmail.
      • The student will also have access to the myHACC portal (my.hacc.edu) and can access registration, tuition balances, bill payment, course schedule and grades.
      • The student should use these tools regularly to keep up with important HACC information.

    Steps 4 and 5: Complete placement testing, if required and complete mandatory New Student Orientation.

    • Details about placement testing, including exemptions are on the HACC website.
    • A dual enrollment student must complete NSO prior to registering for courses. The student will receive an email from orientation@hacc.edu to the HAWKMail account within three to five business days after receiving the HACC acceptance email. This email will include information on completing any required placement test(s) and how to schedule NSO. NSO can be completed via Zoom or online.

    Step 6: Review placement testing results and register for a class(s). 

    • A student must have the courses they wish to enroll in approved by their school counselor prior to registering by providing the counselor with the course code (e.g. ENGL101), course name (e.g.: English Composition I), and semester enrolling (fall, winter, spring or summer).
    • If a prerequisite error is received when trying to register for a course, email successcoach@hacc.edu or call 717-780-1972.

    Step 7: Pay the tuition bill.  A tuition bill will automatically be generated after registering for a course.  Tuition bills are available electronically in the Registration/Records tab of the myHACC student account. Tuition bills are not mailed home. Tuition due dates for dual enrollment classes are posted on the HACC website.  There are several options for paying the bill.  Questions about tuition bills can be directed to: staccts@hacc.edu.   

    Additional Information on the dual enrollment process and contacts for questions can be found here.