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    Welcome to Beginning Band!

    You have an exciting choice to make this year. What instrument do you want to learn?! It is a big decision and there are a lot of instruments to choose from. Check out the videos below to see all of the band instruments!  

    First Year band is called Prep Band. 

    You will have a lesson with Mrs. Beam for 30 minutes each week to help you learn how to play an instrument.  

    Here are a few tips to help you have the best experience possible:

    • Learning an instrument is like training to run a marathon. It is a challenge! Practice a little every day to grow stronger and better! (100 minutes a week is the goal!)

    • Be patient - it takes time to strengthen the muscles that you need to play your instrument. 

    • Have fun! - the friends you make in band are often your best friends for life!

    *Contact Mrs. Beam if buying/renting an instrument would be financially burdensome to your family.  The school has a limited supply of instruments that can be provided to students*



    Please look at all of the information so you can make a great choice and sign up for band!




    Click here for my google site https://sites.google.com/camphillsd.org/band-info/band-info



    You can view this video to get information about the rental program at Hornhospital.com   Click here for video:  Horn Hospital.