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    Welcome to Beginning Band!

    You have an exciting choice to make this year. What instrument do you want to learn?! It is a big decision and there are a lot of instruments to choose from. Check out the videos in the "demo video" page to see all of the band instruments!  

    The first year you join band, you are enrolled in a class called Prep Band.  This class will teach you how to play and instrument and be successful in band. 


    You will have a lesson with Mrs. Beam for 30 minutes each week to help you learn how to play an instrument.  

    Here are a few tips to help you have the best experience possible:

    • Learning an instrument is like training to run a marathon. It is a challenge! Practice a little every day to grow stronger and better! (100 minutes a week is the goal!)

    • Be patient - it takes time to strengthen the muscles that you need to play your instrument.  It might not sound great at first, but keep at it and soon enough you will sound a lot better!

    • Have fun! - the friends you make in band are often your best friends for life!


    Required Supplies for Band:


    Band Book (Tradition of Excellence, Book 1 __________________ (instrument of choice)

    ** Snare Drum Percussion will be using a different book this year. "Foundational Snare Drumming" by Jim Weaver. This is only sold through the Horn Hospital. 


    Mallet Percussion will be using "A Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion"


    *Contact Mrs. Beam if buying/renting an instrument would be financially burdensome to your family.  The school has a limited supply of instruments that can be provided to students*

    Please read all of the information below.  

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