• Wow - last Learn at Home folder for the year!  Time has gone so fast and it is hard to believe this is the last week.   Please note - it is the same plan for each day since I have given each class wrap up lessons for the week!

    On Friday I sent an email to parents using the SIS and posted on classroom the engagement parameters I am using for the 4th marking period as well as some other important info as follows:


    I have updated the SIS with what I have from each of you as of 12:30 pm Friday. There is still an opportunity to change your engagement if you choose:

    UNDERCLASS - you may submit assignments until 12:00 noon on Tuesday 6/2 that can count
    towards the marking period

    Please check the SIS gradebook!!! I have put all the assignments I have received in as submitted. I will update your current engagement on Monday morning and put it in the overall engagement column. If you earned an ME hover over the little circle next to it and it will tell you if it is a 1 or 2 % increase. Remember - grades will not decrease from 3rd marking periods they can only go up!!! I will add the % bump when I do grades on Tuesday.

    You should try to email me with any questions by 5 pm Tuesday since it is hard to change grades once submitted.

    I appreciate any communication about these scores since engagement and final course grades are due Tuesday night.  
    Thank you for the support during this new learning experience and thank you to the students that hung in there with me as we navigated a new trail!
    Best of luck this summer and come back ready to learn!
    Mrs. Diehl