• Thanks for your hard work, patience, support and resilience.  

    Last Health Assignments and PE trackers are due by Tuesday for credit.  Students will receive contact vis google classwork of % credit or HE, ME, DE as comments in PE and Health.  

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  • Congrats to your completion of Health and PE for 2019-2020.  So proud of all of you and look forward to seeing you around town this summer.  Please take care of your wellness and those you love, savor the moments, take time to breath and move, share your gratitude, expand you abilities and find healthy way to reduce your risks while enjoying your life.  

    My apologies for the trouble with my templates last week... hope these work.  Everything is on Google Classroom.  Grades due Tuesday by Midnight...will be updating Google Classroom and SIS Monday and Tuesday am.  Engaged students will receive a notification from me in GC.

    June 1 Learn at Home

    June 2 Learn at Home

    June 3 Learn at Home

    June 4 Learn at Home


    Risk Reduction to consider during this summer of COVID 19:

    SPACE - What is space or lay-out of the space you are going to, how condense is the personal/public space?

    TIME - HOw much time are will you be exposed to people, place etc?

    PEOPLE - What is the number of people at your destination?

    PLACE - Where will you be?  Indoors vs Outdoors, Rate of Infection in location etc...


    Happy Summer :)  "Just Believe"  #Honor25