• Greetings future AP Biology students!


    With not being able to see you at the end of the school year I am using the webpage and a google classroom site to give you your summer assignment for the course next year.  With the end of this school year being a little different we are handling AP summer assignments differently.  While I cannot require you to do this to be a part of the course as we normally would, I can highly encourage you to complete the two assignments to make your preparation for the course significantly easier.  I am listing a description of each below.

    1. Chapter 1-3 study guide - we will move pretty quick through some of this and it is a bit chem based so doing this in advance makes it easier to move through the activities we will be doing and aids in preparing for the first exam.  In addition it cuts your workload down a bit the first couple of weeks as you transition into the course and my expectations/workload.
    2. Statistical Packet - they have made the ability to do statistical analysis of data an important part of AP Biology with recent revisions to the course.  To that end I always ask students to do some learning of those statistical methods over the summer.  We do not have time during the school year for me to teach these in depth so completing this assignment will prepare you for some of the math you are expected to be able to do and is fair game for the exam.  We will use it throughout the year but having background will really help you to be prepared and not feel overwhelmed.

    I have created a google classroom for these assignments - to join use code  xjxwqg5

    In the classroom are the following:

    • Introduction letter to the course
    • the two assignments
    • online access to textbook (may run out in August so I provided the PDF as well)
    • PDF links to textbook

    I have provided the same below but I know many of you are familiar with and comfortable using the google classroom for accessing information and submitting assignments.

    I will be checking the classroom off and on over the summer and try to check email on a regular basis so please reach out with questions.  Do not email through the classroom since I will not receive it - make sure to use the school email below.  Also if you post a question in an assignment using comments I do not see it unless you submit the assignment. 

    My school email is adiehl@camphillsd.k12.pa.us

    Thank you for wanting to take an in depth look at AP Biology - I am excited to work with you next year and am looking forward to a fantastic class!

    Mrs. Diehl


    1. Online book
      1. www.masteringbiology.com/site/login.html
        login: camphillstudent
        password: Camphill1
    2. PDF 1 link - Reese PDF 1
    3. PDF 2 link - Reese PDF 2