• Hello Families,

    This is week 5 of our Learn At Home Plans! After reading our parent surveys, we revised our plans in attempt to limit the number of choices/activities for students. As always, below you will also find the plans for the week of May 4th-May 8th. Please note many of our daily plans now only have highlighted mandatory activity which students are expected to do. As we move forward with new concepts, videos and introductory activities are being used to instruct students prior to practice activities. Please be sure to follow the plans to ensure your student receives the introduction prior to any practice. Please note if more than one passage is listed for an activity, students are asked to choose ONE. Specials teachers have included links to their activities on the plans as well. Please remember we are here if you have any questions. 


    The Second Grade Teachers

  • Below are the Learn at Home plans for each day of the week, as well as a Parent Letter about Time.

    Click on the date to see the plan.